Six Questions to Ask a Nutritionist

We’re smack bang in the middle of the era of self-care and while sipping champagne in a bubble bath with a face mask on is one approach, caring for ourselves from the inside out is paramount.

Nutritionists are one of our best resources when it comes to getting specific advice about our diets that relates to our own unique situations. Rather than the general and untailored guidance that online meal plans provide, nutritionists are able to look at our lifestyle as a whole and help us to use food to care for our internal health which in turn cares for our external health.

However, if you’re brand new to the world of nutritionists, it can seem like a windy path to navigate. There is so much to know about food and our bodies and without much knowledge, how do we know what’s going to be right for us? That’s the beauty of the initial consultation that most nutritionists offer giving both them and you the chance to ask as many questions as you need to get a truly personalised service.

If you’re seeing a nutritionist for the first time, here’s what to ask…


  1. What is a healthy weight for me?

Although the numbers on the scale are not the most important factor of health, it is one of the simplest ways to begin addressing our health.

  1. What am I missing in my diet?

Often addressing the nutrients we aren’t feeding our bodies is just as important as talking about the ones we are.

  1. What should I stop eating?

I’ve personally found that my body has mild intolerances to certain foods that I only really noticed when I saw the benefits of cutting them out. A nutritionist can help you identify these types of foods.

  1. What are some healthy swaps I should be making?

Rather than approaching nutrition thinking you’re going to have to give up the things you love, seek advice on some simple swaps that allow you to enjoy a healthy diet without sacrifice.

  1. How much and how often should I be eating?

This is going to be different for everybody as it’s dependent on your goals and lifestyle. A nutritionist will be able to give you a more accurate plan than anything your find online.

  1. How long until I see results?

This question is particularly useful if you’re looking to use nutrition to treat things such as acne. Although all good things take time and a healthy approach to nutrition is often about making lifelong changes, having a bit of a timeline will help you to assess whether you need to change your approach after a period of time to improve your results.


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