Simply Radiant

Simply Radiant is Australia’s first skin health anti oxidant drink. Packed full of ingredients scientifically proven to be beneficial to the skin, it contains 10 super fruits rich in anti oxidants.

Simply Radiant  is the first product in the country to contain FloraGLO which is a lutein ingredient extracted from the Marigold flower. FloraGLO is a revolutionary skin care ingredient proven to give protective benefits to the eyes and skin. The product suggests that it will improve skin elasticity, support collagen production, decrease the signs of ageing and deeply nourish the skin from the inside

The pack contains a 2 weeks supply and I have been using it over the last fortnight. It says on the pack to mix with water or juice. When I first mixed it with water it tasted like cold herbal tea… not so good.  So I tried it with my favourite juice and it tasted far better. I’ve been having one drink every morning and while I can’t say I see any visible difference to my skin, I have been feeling good and my skin has been looking good. Whether my feeling good can be attributed to Simply Radiant over just a fortnight I’m not sure. Although, let’s face it- a concoction packed with Pomegranate, Goji Berries, Green Tea Extract and other potent anti oxidants could only be beneficial. And not necessarily just to your skin but also to your overall vitality. Last Sunday morning I really think it gave me the boost i needed to help get over a hangover too!

Simply Radiant is an easy and beneficial dietary supplement which is sure to improve your skin and well being. A great addition to any healthy diet!

Each Pack contains 14 sachets and costs $49.95