Shooting for Wish with Shenay…

Here’s a nice sunny image to warm up this miserable day ! This stunning shot is from a shoot I worked on for Wish last week. The range was Wish Casual ‘Shadows and Sunlight’ and it was filled with spring time light knits, jackets and dresses. Shot by the fabulous Thom Kerr this image truly show off Shenay’s natural beauty- freckles and all!

My main objective with the make-up was not to cover up Shenays freckles but keep them as a feature. Sounds weird but I didn’t use foundation at all! This is how I created this look-

* I used concealer around the eyes and corners of the nose.

* Then I covered the whole face with Clinique ‘Up Lighting’ Illuminator. This is a fluid which gives the skin a luminous glow without covering it up.

* After applying blush a few times and wiping it off, I realised Shenay’s skin tone suited neutrals way more than any obvious colour, so I just used Clinique True Bronzed pressed bronzer down each side of the face from top to bottom and accross the nose and chin. This gave Shenay a bit of colour that looked completely natural and added to her ‘glow’.

*On the eyes I used the Clinique ‘like mink’ eye shadow duo. I used the lighter colour over the entire eye lid and the darker softly blended into the crease of the eye lid. I also used the darker colour to darken Shenay’s eyebrows.

* I used Clinique Brush on Cream Eye Liner to line the eyes. Firstly let me say this eyeliner is FANTASTIC!! its sooooo easy to use, its soft and extra black and once its on it doesn’t budge. I started by using the liner along the top lashline from the inner corner to the outer, I then retraced over the line making it thicker and thicker until it covered about half of the lower eye lid. I added a little wing on the outer edge for a more dramatic look. I also used the liner under the eye as close as possible to the lashline and joined it up in the corners to the top eyeline. I then used a brush to soften the liner on the bottom.

* On the lips I used Long Last lipstick in ‘Nearly Nude’.

* And finally I added a good coat of High Impact mascara.

For Shenay’s hair I applied mousse to damp hair then blow dried it to a messy wave with me new GHD Air blow dryer. This little blowdryer is amazing, its compact yet powerful and really makes blow drying easy.

And I used my gorgeous Eco Tools brushes for all the make-up. These brushes are super soft, all natural and most importantly of all cruelty free. CLICK HERE for stockists.

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