Shellac- Putting it to the test

‘How long does it really last?’

Its a question I quite often get asked…. Although I regularly get Shellac Nails I hadn’t paid close enough attention to how long it actually lasts so after careful observation and a number of different applications here are a few truths i found about Shellac nails.





The companies usually say they last 4 weeks. Yes some of the product will last 4 weeks, however the grow out even by two weeks starts getting on my nerves and there will always be several chips and cracks starting by two weeks.

I would only recommend CND, or OPI branded shellac. Some nail salons use cheaper brands which are not as easy to remove and usually end up damaging the nail. OPI and CND are easily soaked off without any damage to the nail. ALWAYS ask what brand they are using.

‘An Indestructible Manicure that Lasts 4 Weeks’ is one of the claims made form the shellac companies. I would say the manicure is only perfect for 2 weeks, after that it gets ratty, chipped and has grown out substantially I couldn’t stand them for a whole 4 weeks…

When I paint my nails myself they are usually chipped within 24 – 28 hrs so even though Shellac may not last as long as it claims to I am still happy to have nice, hassle free nails for 2 weeks at a price of $30-40.

I love the shine! Even though you may have some chips in the first two weeks the nails are still high shine, and look good.

Overall I would say Shellac is an option for a perfect manicure for 2 weeks. After that it starts to get a bit yuk! Choose a colour you aren’t going to get sick of, after all you have to keep it for atleast 14 days.

Ask around for a good nail salon. The quality of the application is just as important as the product itself.

Perfect option for a week or weekend away. You can pretty much guarantee your nails will be perfect the whole time!