Shatter Polish

Crackle Nail polish is the latest craze in the Nail world. The idea is you apply a layer of crackle polish in a different colour to what you’re already wearing and the top coat crackles as it dries revealing cracks of the colour below. It sounds straight forward but there is definitely a knack to getting the look right. Firstly, the more contrasting the two colours are  the better the effect. I first tried it with OPI ‘Pink Flamenco’ as the base colour and OPI Black Shatter on top, and while it looked good up close, from a distance it didn’t look amazing. Next I tried OPI ‘Privacy Please’ as a base colour with the black shatter over the top, and because the base colour is a pastel pink it was a stark contrast to the black shatter on top. This look was eye catching, I got a lot of comments on my nails and if I do say so myself they looked great! And second, the thinner the coat of shatter polish you put on the better the crackle effect. If you put it on thickly the cracks are very thin and you will only see a slight hint of colour from beneath. You will also need a top coat to add shine as they dry quite matte.

OPI 'Mermaids Tears' with OPI black Shatter Polish

OPI Shatter polish is available in arrange of colours. One of the latest shatter colours is Gold, it is a glittery sheer gold and looks perfect over pinks, corals, reds and tangerine.