Seven Day Skin Detox

How many chemicals do we apply to our skin each day….?

Here is an interesting article i put together a few months ago. If your skin has been feeling the effects of excessive eating, drinking, late nights and sun over the party season this little detox regime may be a solution. The skin is the most absorbent organ of the body and the amount of chemicals we apply to it can be overwhelming – particularly as many women have no idea they are doing it!

According to a UK survey of more than 2000 women, the average woman sprays, rubs and paints 515 chemicals on her body as part of her beauty routine. And yet, only 1 in 10 of those surveyed shopped for chemical-free cosmetics.

The skin is often the first place you will see the signs of the body holding too many toxins, common signs are breakouts, rashes, and irritation.

Detoxing is a way to improve the skin’s condition, as it gets rid of the toxins from within the body. These toxins include artificial colours, flavours, chemical residue and fat soluble vitamins. Skin problems, such as acne, can be a result of toxic overload, and detoxing will not only improve the skin’s appearance but will also clean out the liver.

So do yourself, and your skin a favour, and follow these tips for a seven day skin detox.

Tips for a Seven Day Skin Detox

1. Using an all natural salt or almond kernel scrub, exfoliate the body and face lightly each day. Exfoliating gloves can be great too.

2. Stop using your regular body moisturiser and instead use a natural oil to moisturise the face and body. Rose hip oil is a light weight essential oil which has huge benefits for the skin including reducing fine lines and wrinkles and helping to repair skin damage and boost hydration.

3. Dry Brush the skin for 15 minutes each evening. Dry brushing is hugely beneficial to the skin and body, it boosts circulation, helps the body remove toxins by boosting lymphatic function. It is a very old but well known technique, and stimulating the skin is said to put into motion the healing processes in the rest of the body.

4. Only use all natural mineral make-up! Be sure to check the make-up you are using is all natural and chemical free.  This type of make-up is so good for the skin you can exercise in it! The minerals have natural sun protective qualities, and they help draw excess oil away from the skin, improving break outs and unclogging pores.

5. Avoid using perfume this week! A simple spray of perfume can spray anywhere up to 400 different chemicals onto the skin…

6. Try a targeted skin anti-oxidant drink or supplement, these come in sachets or tablets . They are potent and antioxidant rich and can really give your skin a boost, enhance radiance and cell renewal. Cleansing your skin from the inside is always alot more powerful than anything you apply to the outside. Try these two skin supplements.

Simply Radiant- Anti oxidant drink $49 ( 14 sachets), Mix with your favourite juice this is a skin care concoction you drink to fight all those nasty free radicals and keep the skin glowing from the inside!

Le Reve Ultra Glow $74.95. Ultra Glow is a vitamin supplement containing nutrients and minerals combined with potent anti-oxidants for ultimate skin health. If you know anyone who has problem skin or a tired complexion this may be the boost they need.

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