Sensibeautics- Ella Bache

With Winter fast approaching our skin can become vulnerable to the elements. Cold wind, dry air and exposure to heaters can all contribute to damaging our skin and often leaves us feeling dry, sensitive and flaky. If you know your skin often suffers from the seasonal change it’s important to consider changing up your skin care regimen to using products that will protect, hydrate, nurture and repair.

I am absolutely loving the Sensibeautics range from Ella Bache. I’ve been using a combo of the Daily Resistance Cream, the Intensive Recovery Serum and the Rescue Cream. Each product is tailored for sensitive skin and while Im not overly sensitive I ‘d been feeling like my skin was really dry and in need of some TLC.

Ella Baché SensiBeautics Daily Resistance Cream

This is a silky smooth lightweight moisturiser for daily use. I apply it each morning and it works to improve hydration and radiance.

Ella Baché SensiBeautics Intensive Recovery Serum

I LOVE this serum! It works to reduce redness and strengthen the skins protective barrier in order to be more tolerant of the elements during winter months. It’s a light nourishing serum I apply each evening and it feels beautiful on the skin!


Ella Baché SensiBeautics Rescue Cream

Sensibeautics Rescue Cream works as the others do to protect, heal and nourish only it’s a richer cream which supremely hydrates. I have been using this one at night to absorb into the skin and work to restore the skin during sleep.

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