Salon BLAST- Pamper not perfect!!

This week i went for Microdermabrasion at a salon I haven’t been to before. I love getting microdermabrasion. I really look forward to some peace and quiet, being pampered, and coming out with my skin feeling great. The new salon was offering a great deal but sadly my treatment fell way short of my expectations.

I was ushered into the cramped waiting area where i sat for the next 25 minutes staring at a large vase full of dead flowers and observing the weirdly arranged tinsel hanging from the multiple images of frangipani’s and roses around the room. How hard is it to make your salon look nice and not look like something run by kath and Kim anyway? Why i waited for 20 minutes i have no idea, there was no one else there, what was the therapist doing? Eating lunch? Having a nap? On the shitter? I have no idea!
When my therapist returned from the 4th dimension and showed me into the treatment room she quickly applied an AHA to my face and after no longer than 2 minutes she left the room again.
She was friendly, well, chatty but she was the kind of person who loved to talk about herself. She didn’t ask me a single thing about myself, she just unloaded her “expertise” on me in a very patronizing way, like I’m an idiot and she knew everything. It was all an obvious ploy to get me to buy the skin care she was selling, and it ain’t skin care you’ll ever see on this blog…
So, after the 2 minutes applying my AHA she left me in the room in the pitch black, not a single candle burning it was pitch black with a really creaky ceiling fan going. No ambience what so ever. Then through the paper thin wall I listened to the therapist have a family reunion in the waiting room for the next 10 minutes, people talking loudly and kids running up and down the halls. Without a hope in hell of relaxing, I had a long wait for her to come back. She came back and spent another speedy 2 minutes doing the actual micro, whacked a mask on me and left the room again for an excruciatingly long 30 minutes!
In the latter part of my 30 minute mask I heard a door open and the eftpos machine start …. It then dawned on me- This was no house of beauty and pampering, this was a beauty sweatshop! She had another client in another room and was going between us both!!!! Absolutely no love at all.
By this stage Still laying in the dark I was considering walking out when she finally returned. She asked did you have a nice sleep?? Haha…..haha.
I was glad she didn’t ask what I do because I’d have been tempted to say ‘lady I’ll have your crap salon on my blog faster than you can say frangipani’.
I’m open minded, i know a bad treatment could be blamed on a wax pot malfunction, staff shortages, bad staff, bad days, a myriad of reasons but in the end if you’re a consumer paying good money you don’t really care, you just want a nice experience.
I want it all from you now, the good, the bad, Name and shame, I don’t Care! And maybe we should start an honours list for salons that give us quality treatments that exceed our expectations. I’ve had too many bad experiences in salons.

I have a Sax cosmetics nail polish to give away to one of you. Leave your opinion or comment because as consumers our feedback should be valued! Xx