Retouching Kate…

I’ve written about the pro’s and con’s of retouching before but this has just reinforced my view that retouching is being taken too far. Kate Winslet is the face of Lancome, and yes Kate is gorgeous but in some of these images promoting lipstick and anti ageing creams Kate looks like she hasn’t got a line on her face! The only way she could look like this is if she hadn’t moved a facial muscle once in her entire lifetime. We’ve seen her in movies and most of her appeal comes from her expressive natural face and personality.

No one could possibly look this line free! And correct me if I’m wrong but the appeal to customers looking for an anti ageing product is that the ambassador shares and understands their concerns of reducing the appearance of fine lines. By the looks of these images Kate doesn’t need anti ageing products, there isn’t a line in sight. On the other hand are they suggesting their creams and make-up can make some one of Kate’s age (37) look this line free? pfft… My 4 year old has more lines on her face than that!

I find this level of retouching false, and most of all insulting. Do they think we ‘consumers’ are that stupid that we will believe these products can give us these drastic effects? I personally would love to see Kate with her fines lines and all, and I don’t mean no retouching at all. Sure minimise the most severe lines,  and remove pimples or redness, even freckles and dry skin but don’t go so far as to make her look like her face is plastic.

No wonder women are plagued by self esteem issues and eating disorders, if these are the images we are given to aspire to we have no hope. Nothing will get a 37 year old this line free aside from drastic surgery or complete facial paralysis! Below is an image of the real Kate, which frankly looks better to me than the retouched ones!

The real Kate