RESONANCE. Exclusive Beauty Story.

These days making an impact doesn’t necessarily involve wearing audacious hairstyles, or kooky colours.

You can create your own statement look and still look feminine, soft and chic.

You just need the right ingredients- a fusion of creamy clear skin, soft tonal make-up with the right amounts of light and shade, and a light playful ‘undone’ texture in the hair and brows. This will give your look impact, but still have a classic girly feel.

 Goodbye (and good riddance) to the crunchy sea salt sprays of 2012! Hair texture products have come along way in recent years, and now there are plenty of products that will give the hair volume, lift, and a light messy texture that still feels soft to the touch, and lightweight in the hair. A good powder spray, texture paste or even dry shampoo should give you the desired texture.
Try: Aveda Texture Tonic (so good!! see pic below)
Cream make-up products are a great way to make even the softest colours look more impactful. Try using a cream eyeshadow as a base for your powder eyeshadow, this will ramp up the colour and make-up the pigment in the powder shadow look stronger.
Do the same with your blush and use a cream product as a base for your powder blush. Even the softest pink blush will look rich, and satin like.
Try: MAC Paint pots. Above Natalie wears MAC paintpot in ‘groundwork’ on her eyes.
Start using a lip liner with your lipstick to sharpen up the edges and make the colour look crisp.
While completely matte lip colours are a big thing right now, a subtle touch of gloss or balm over your lip colour will make it look more luscious and silky.
Try: Lanolips Golden Ointment to dab over your lipstick.
PHOTOGRAPHER– Myles Pritchard
MAKE-UP– Bonnie G
HAIR– Rory Calesse @Robertson Kirkwood
STYLING– Lydia Jane Saunders
MODEL– Natalie Sole @ Chic
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