Razor love….

I have just found an AMAZING new Razor!  I never thought I’d say this about a razor but I LOVE IT !! The conditioning strip is infused with Acai Berry and Jojoba Oil, and let me tell you it gives you the smooooothest shave ever. On one end it has the razor and on the other end it has a battery operated trimmer, perfect ladies maintaining a landing strip….

Acai Berry  contains Vitamins  A,  C,  D,  E  &  B-­‐1,  2,  3,  6 ,12 and 16  antioxidants.  With  42  times  the  antioxidant  concentration  of  Blueberries  and  4  times  that  of  Goji  Berries. It also contains 17  vital  minerals  including  Zinc,  Protein,  Iron,  Calcium,  Selenium,  Magnesium  and  Folic  acid and Omegas  3,  6  &  9 . Including this super fruit with your razor is a unique and beneficial idea. You will notice the difference immediately, a smoother more effortless shave. For anyone going on a beach holiday, this is a suitcase essential.

Its a Schick Quattro TrimStyle and it retails for $14.99