Quirky Beauty Tools You Need To Know About!

With the beauty industry sky rocketing in popularity, more and more beauty tools are being invented and introduced, some so ingenious it’s hard to believe how someone actually came up with the idea.

I decided to road test some of these weird yet surprisingly wonderful beauty tools and products, and below are my top 5.

MODELCO Self-Tan Back Applicator

This baby is definitely my new best friend! As we’re coming into the colder season, it’s a necessity for me to apply a fresh fake tan on a weekly basis, because being tanned is life, right? With any other ordinary tanning mitt, I’m always left with a small circle of pale skin on my back (due to not being able to reach), so when I received this back applicator I couldn’t have been happier with it’s ability to reach ALL of my back.

This velvety soft applicator applies the tan evenly and leaves your hands tan free. I’d definitely recommend this genius beauty tool to all the fake tan lovers out there.


CHOSUNGAH22 Multi Device

It’s time to take cleansing your face to a whole new level, at a super affordable price. This waterproof, vibrating and pore-refining device will leave your skin feeling squeaky clean and as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

The device has a porous puff on the end of the wand that vibrates at 12,000 – 14,000 rpm, which will not only deeply clean and smooth the skin, but will also delicately refine your skins texture. It’s a perfect pocket sized device, suitable for any skin type.



If you are as terrible at winged eyeliner as me, then this product will do you a world of good. This triple-sided tool can be used with pencils, gels and liquids; with each side giving you a different winged look.

This tool is all about perfecting the symmetry of both eyes (which is the hardest component for me) and can be carried with you anywhere in its cute case. This really is quite a simple tool, but it works wonders.


AVEDA Tulasāra Facial Dry Brush

Dry brushing is a more gentle exfoliating technique which originated from Ayurveda, the ancient healing art of India. This quirky little brush has soft nylon bristles, which are compacted into rounded peaks which will not only massage your face, but will lift away dull and dead skin cells.

For one minute you brush clean, dry skin in circular motions from décolletage up to your forehead, in outward sweeping motions back down to décolletage for best results.


MODELCO Turbo Lashwand Heated Eyelash Curler

It’s time to toss away your old school eyelash curler and familiarize yourself with this innovative heated tool. This little beauty will lift your lashes whilst giving them the appearance of longer and more fluttery eyelashes. Created with a double heated coil, this device will make your lashes lifted all day long, without the unwanted damage. Perfect for that on-the-go lash makeover. mc302_0041000x1000_5

Written by Laura Harriss