Purple Eyeshadow Is The Colour Trend You Should Be Trying

Cobalt blue may have been the stand-out colour of 2018 but this year it’s time to tone it down a bit without losing the wow factor. From lilac to violet, lavender to plum – purple eyeshadow is having a moment and the easy-to-wear shade is proving that it can hold its own when it comes to versatility.

One of the great things about the colour purple is its ability to add depth and dimension while actually making the eyes look brighter. As we age, fine lines, dark circles and a loss of volume around our eyes contributes greatly to the overall ‘awakeness’ of our complexion. When you use dark colours on your eyes, they can look too heavy and emphasise those problems making you look tired or your lines look deeper than they are. Purple shades solve the problems of wanting to go dark and smokey and create moodiness without having to go for black. It’s a softer approach.

On the opposite end of the dark and smokey spectrum are the pretty pastel hues of lilac, lavender and blue-based periwinkle shades. These feminine shades are an easy entry point to the trend as a simple sweep across the eyelid gives you a pop of colour without being too bold.

To avoid looking like you’ve got a black eye, it’s best to keep your colour choices fairly simple. Don’t mix too many shades of purple and there’s no need to be bringing a lot of other colours into the mix. Too many varying tones is what’s going to make your eye area look bruised. Instead, keep it simple.

If you want to amp things up a bit, try adding a gloss over the top of your purple eyeshadow. For those days when you want to be on trend but still have to be office appropriate, use a small and dense eyeshadow brush and line your eyes with the purple eyeshadow as if you’re doing a cat eye.

Image – @katiejanehughes

Image – @demilovato


Main Image – Rosie Huntington Whitely
Photographer – Kai Z Feng
Makeup – Katie Jane Hughes

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