Pure Colour Blue Topaz- Estee Lauder

I ‘ve just tried these new products and I HAVE to share it with you, they are truly beautiful! Estee Lauder have released a gorgeous new range called the Pure Colour Topaz Collection. Inspired by the warm sun bleached tones of the Desert the range includes rich bronze, taupe and topaz. Firstly the packaging is amazing, secondly the pigment in the blush and eyeshadows is rich and strong and third, the colour selection is stunning.

The Topaz Mosaic 5 colour eyeshadow palette is a combination of neutrals with a pop of lemon yellow in the centre. The shadows glide on and the colour is rich and luxurious. The illuminating Powder Topaz Chameleon is stunning! A rich bronze pressed powder (with a snake skin imprint!) which is highly luminous, I applied it as a blush and it leaves a bronze luminous glow on the cheeks. And lastly I finished it off with the Nail laquer in Teal Topaz a lovely teal blue, which absolutely compliments the other colours. As I said this range is adorable and luxurious, I love the packaging and the product!

The above image is courtesy of Estee Lauder but I thought it was gorgeous and shows off the colours in the range!