Products That Make Your Skin More Radiant

It feels like it has taken forever for the cold weather to truly arrive, but Winter is finally here and brought with it an icy chill. There’s no denying that in the cooler months our skin can become dry, dehydrated and lack-lustre. There is only so much magic a good illuminating highlighter can do to enhance your skins glow, the rest must come from within. Winter is the perfect time to kick-start your skincare regime to rehydrate and rejuvenate because you’re spending far less time in the sun.

H2O is the way to go: While this is one pointer you hear often; it is actually a vital tip for rehydrating the skin. Carrying a large bottle of water around with you throughout the day can surprisingly work wonders. It can be tricky to get your full H2O intake when you’re a busy gal and this is one way to make life easier. Before you know it you will have had your daily water in take and not only will you feel great but your skin will glow and appear significantly more plump and hydrated.

Harmful Heat : When the weather is cold we dream of those long hot showers, great for warming up your body, not so great for your skin. Hot water can strip oil from your skin, leaving it red and flaky. Instead, try a warm shower and avoid placing your face directly under the warm water. Don’t forget to apply a great moisturizer to your face and body post shower.

Important Ingredients: You may have noticed many skin creams these days state that they contain a substance called “hyaluronic acid.” This particular compound is something that is naturally created by our cells, however over time and due to environmental factors our skin struggles to maintain the water naturally. HA is vital within your skincare regime as it works to retain water and reduce the loss of moisture within the skin. This will even result in filling out some of those fine lines- winning on all levels!

Mask it up: A good face mask can sometimes be overlooked as many people forget how beneficial they can be. Incorporating a mask into your weekly skincare regime may be the one aspect you have been missing to really make a change in your skins appearance.  Find a mask that contains enzymes, such as the Aspect Fruit Enzyme Mask (RRP $59). This product contains fruit enzymes such as those from Acai berries, which work to gently break down and exfoliate away dead skin cells, Aloe Vera for a soothing effect and Vitamin C to boost anti-ageing. The Fruit Enzyme Mask is simple and quick to use and is the perfect way to protect and rehydrate your skin for a healthy and glowing look.   

Skin Care for Thirsty Skin: A great new dry skin collection is the Clarins Hydra Essentiel range. Not only does it sufficiently quench thirsty skin, it keeps it that way all day long.

Clarins have combined the power of water with the powerful hydration activator, the ‘leaf of life’. The leaf of life is an ingredient which comes from a plant with succulent leaves, and it gives the range an intensive hydrating ability.

The range consists of  the Hydra Essentiel Silky Cream $70 which is the perfect moisturiser for thirsty skin. It will leave the skin feeling smooth, radiant and plump. And the Clarins Hydra Essentiel Intensive Moisture Quenching Bi-phase Serum $72.00 This serum also works to hydrate, but more importantly it helps the skin to retain precious moisture. It brings a burst of refreshment for dry, thirsty skin, it feels lightweight and it will help intensify hydration levels.

Marine Collagen Eye Masks: I’m a little obsessed with these quick fix eye patches for dry or puffy eyes. have released their new marine collagen eye masks which instantly plump up fine lines around the eyes.

They also relieve swelling and puffiness, and smooth out the skin for a flawless make-up application. Combining the power of Dead Sea Mud, Algae, Hyaluronic Acid and Marine Collagen these little black patches really pack a punch when it comes to rehydrating the delicate skin around the eyes.




Words by Cassandra Lucock, beauty writer for