Prime Perfect – The Secret To Long Lasting Makeup

One of my first ‘adult’ beauty purchases was a good quality primer. As a young teen, I loved makeup, but my reasoning behind any purchase generally revolved around my liking of its packaging over any other on the shelf at Priceline.

Yes, I was uninformed and impulse bought my way toward having a bathroom draw filled with random makeup products that I barely used, most horribly inappropriate for my skin type and complexion.

All of that began to change though as I got older. Long story short, I began investigating and realised that nearly every beauty expert (including one particularly influential man) was telling me that “not to prime is a crime”. So I went out and bought myself Napoleon Perdis’ Auto Pilot Primer and from first use, I was hooked on the world of high-performing makeup.

Flash forward a few years and I will admit, I don’t use a primer 100% of the time. Often if I’m just having a casual day and only dab on a little concealer and CC cream, I’ll let my moisturiser act as a primer. But if I’m ever applying a full face of foundation and expect it to go on smoothly and last the whole day, I wouldn’t even dream of skipping the primer.

I’ve heard people say it’s an unnecessary step that just clogs your pores but if you use the right product, your pores will stay unclogged, your makeup will stay on your face all day (or night) and will make getting that Photoshop flawless finish that bit easier.

HOT TIP: Make sure you give your primer enough time to sink in to your skin and work its magic before you put on foundation. I always use the time between steps to curl my eyelashes.

I’ve tested out a bunch in my time but have put together this handy list that will cover all of your priming needs.

FOR BEFOREBecca Backlight Priming Filter

This primer promises a radiant and refreshed complexion, achieved through its ability to combat dullness and fine lines with its unique light diffusing pearls. Whilst it’s power doesn’t negate the need for foundation, the formula does make your skin appear more luminous and it sit’s really well under your foundation. Best part is, you won’t feel the need to retouch by the afternoon and there will not be a cakey crease in sight!


FOR AFTERMac Prep + Prime Fix

Mac’s Prep + Prime Skin has long been a cult favourite primer of the beauty industry. It’s the Prep + Prime Fix though that has caught my attention. The lightweight fluid is designed to be spritzed onto your finished makeup look to hold it in place and it has hydrating properties. When you’ve reached that mid-afternoon hour and dry winds and air con have taken their toll, you can use the spray to liven up your skin and give you a glowing complexion.


FOR EYESMac Prep + Prime 24 Hour Extend Eye Base

For someone with very hooded eyelids and a distinct crease underneath my eyes, using a primer before I put on any kind of eyeshadow or concealer is essential. Just like the rest of their high quality priming products, Mac’s Prep + Prime 24 Hour Extend Eye Base works a dream to prep your eye areas and help you to avoid a build-up of oil on your lids, creases and smudged eye shadow. Let’s all say it together… ‘bye-bye panda eye!’



FOR GLAM EYESUrban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

This primer works like your average eyeshadow base; it helps your eyeshadow go on smoothly and stay on all day. What makes it special is the subtle tint and shimmer it leaves behind that really compliments a glam look. You can pick it up in a range of colours but because it is quite subtle when blended in, you won’t be limited to using it with only certain shades. (I tried and loved it in Minor sin, a soft, shimmering blush tone).


FOR COLOUR CORRECTION – First Aid Beauty Hello Fab 3-in-1 Superfruit Colour Correcting Cushion

Colour correcting makeup can be a real godsend but when you’re rushing to apply your makeup before running out the door of a morning, it can be difficult to deal with. This Hello Fab cushion truly is a 3-in-1 with colours to combat redness, dark circles and dullness. It’s not as high coverage as other colour correcting products but instead works as a subtle and natural looking priming product to improve your skins overall radiance. It’s biggest asset though is the myriad of skin loving ingredients and it’s noncomedogenic so it won’t clog your pores.



By Jessica Frost   


Featured Image Credit-

Photo: Steven Popovich

Make-Up: Bonnie G Oz Beauty Expert

Hair: Rhys Nahuysen