Pretty Woman in Ugly lawsuit

Even in the world of high fashion advertisement, it seems there is such a thing as too perfect.

The Advertising Standards Authority, a British consumer watchdog organization, filed a complaint against L’Oreal, one of the largest cosmetics companies in the world. It seems that their advertisements, featuring close-up photos of models, are too perfect to be true and were banned.

According to a New york Times Blog “The ads in question featured the actress Julia Roberts and the supermodel Christy Turlington. Ms. Roberts’s ad was for a Lancôme brand foundation called Teint Miracle. Ms. Turlington’s ad, for a Maybelline brand foundation called the Eraser, showed parts of her face covered by the makeup as having fewer wrinkles in contrast to the parts of her face that were not covered.”

I find myself agreeing with this point of view. Why do the images society see as beautiful need to be fake? I understand a little retouching, maybe minimising pores removing a freckle or two, but seriously? Julia Roberts is already gorgeous and so is Christy Turlington and every other model Lorea’l use as their poster girls. Surely this is only going to make more women feel inadequate… I believe it’s ludicrous for us all to be aspiring to be as gorgeous as the girls in the magazines when even they themselves dont really look that way. They may as well use cartoons!

Thoughts Please??

The Beauty Expert