Powerful Skin Care Customised For You!

There’s no doubt that as we move on into the future we will expect everything in our lives to be more customised to our personal circumstances. Our computers, our homes, our cars, our exercise regimens and even the food we eat will be marketed in a way that is tailored more to you as an individual. There will be less of the ‘one size fits all’ approach and selling products that appeal to the masses, and more of a bespoke approach to nearly every aspect of our lives. And I’m all for it!

The truth is we all want products that are tailored to us as individuals, it makes them more effective, it gives us the feeling of money better spent, and it makes life easier.

The demand for this type of customisation is growing rapidly, and it’s now making it’s way into beauty, more specifically skin care.

This of course is an exciting prospect, because no one has exactly the same skin type as you. Generally we are sold products to suit about 5 different categories- dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, ageing skin and problem skin.

But what if you have ageing skin, with redness, pigmentation and are prone to oiliness? OR what if you have oily skin, you’re concerned with ageing, and you have scarring that you want treated? There are so many possible combinations to describe any one skin type, and as I said before, your skin is unique to you and only you.

Bespoke skin care products are made specifically for your skin and your skin concerns, and a few bespoke brands have popped onto the market in recent years but I’m going to tell you about the cremè de la cremè of bespoke skin care Universkin from Shape Clinic.

What is Universkin?

Universkin is an exclusive skin care line from Shape Clinic in Sydney. A Universkin regimen consists of one universal moisture lotion to use daily, along with being prescribed one or two highly customised medical grade serums that are mixed, then and there, on the spot for you to take home. These serums contain 1,2 or 3 potent ingredients to treat your specific skin concerns.

What sets it apart from the rest?

It’s potency.

This skin care is serious stuff.

The quality of ingredients in skin care deteriorates in the months following formulation, so if you buy a product, even one with good quality ingredients that was produced 6 months ago, you can almost guarantee that it’s ingredients have lost potency and are less effective than when they were first made. And when you buy skin care off a shelf in a store, how are you to know how long ago it was made? 1 month, 6 months, a year?

Good skin care ingredients need to be kept airtight and carefully packaged to keep them stable and effective. And if a product is sold in a non airtight package ( like a jar or tub) you can almost guarantee that any good ingredients like vitamin C  or retinol will almost certainly have gone off and become unstable, rendering that product ineffective.

Universkin from Shape Clinic is mixed up on the spot, and the potent ingredients are in a powdered form which only become active once they are mixed up into a serum for you. From the day your serum is mixed up you have 6-8 weeks to use it, and trust me when I say it’s potent. Without a doubt the most potent skin care I’ve tried.

I’ve never seen my skin improve so much in an 8 weeks period.

Each serum contains a combination of either 1, 2 or 3 ingredients chosen from dozens of possible options, to combat your specific skin concerns and improve the quality of your skin. The powdered form of the ingredients are mixed with the base serum to create your active personalised skin care regimen.

Above: boxes of powdered ingredients

My Experience

As I mentioned I’ve never seen my skin improve so much in such a short period of time! Before my prescription was made up, Shape Clinic did a Visia scan of my face. A Visia scan creates an in depth analysis and high definition images of the skin. It shows exactly what areas are of concern and helps to prescribe the correct skin care.

I was prescribed ingredients to combat redness, fine lines and pigmentation and in just 8 weeks my skins condition had vastly improved. I could feel a big difference after a week of using the products, but after 8 weeks the results and improvements I could feel were confirmed. At first the Visia scan gave my fine lines a result of 66% which means it assessed my lines as being in the top 35% for my age. However after using the skin care for 8 weeks the Visia scan re-assessed my fine lines at being 99% which means my lines were in the top 1% for my age!!!!

I also saw a significant improvement in my redness and pigmentation. In fact, after using the skin care for 8 weeks I didn’t have any redness left to treat so my formula could now be changed to one that didn’t treat redness at all.

I’m so impressed with this skin care, not only did it treat an area of concern, it actually resolved the problem altogether!


Visia Scan images

How Much does it cost?

As you’d expect skin care of this quality is not cheap. But with the possibility of not only treating skin issues, but actually resolving them altogether, it’s worth every cent.

A customised serum costs around $370.

Where Can I buy it?

Universkin is available exclusively at Shape Clinic, Sydney. Click HERE for contact details, or to book a consultation.

Great skin is the foundation to looking good, so before you consider any other cosmetic treatment, work on improving your skin first and you’ll probably need less later.


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