Powder Foundation: Your New Beauty BFF

Powder foundation is the unsung hero of the beauty world. It’s often one of the last makeup products to be lauded in your average kit and for the past few years in particular, has been pushed aside for its liquid, glow-inducing counterpart.

However sophisticated formulas are changing the game and we are now seeing the comeback of powder foundation. It’s no longer just for those with oily skin and combatting shine.

The obvious use for powder foundation is setting your t-zone to prevent an oil slick appearing at 3pm. Rather than trying to make ‘translucent’ powders blend without leaving a white sheen, you can pick up a powder foundation in your own shade or a shade lighter to set and brighten the centre of your face and around your eyes.

Powder foundation is also one of the best coverups for spots, especially those freshly squeezed ones. A pro tip is to use a fine tipped brush and a dash of  powder in your skin tone and tap it lightly onto and around the spot. It provides a natural looking and long-lasting cover when liquid concealer isn’t doing its job on your spots.

Another favourite tip for loose powdered foundations is mixing a little into your moisturiser to create your own bb cream. When it dries down, you’re left with a natural, second-skin coverage.

The most important tip when using powder foundation is to use a soft and fluffy brush and build your coverage slowly. A brush that’s too dense can push the pigment around too much and leave you looking uneven. Lots of blending with a fluffy brush gives the most even and natural result.

Here’s some favourites to try…

Kat Von D Beauty Vegan Lock-It Powder Foundation

If you’ve ever experienced your foundation sliding around and separating on your face, this foundation is for you. It gives you a diffused matte finish with blurring powder that softens fine lines and blemishes. And, it’s incredibly long-lasting without settling in your creases and contours.

Nude By Nature Natural Mineral Cover Foundation

This loose mineral powder foundation is super easy to use and the light and luminous finish is universally flattering for all skin-types. The coverage builds lightly without feeling cakey and jojoba and kaolin clay in the formula help to simultaneously nourish your skin and absorb excess oil.

Ultraceuticals Ultra CC Powder Mineral Foundation

The magic of this finely milled mineral powder is it’s blend of skin-loving ingredients that are designed to brighten your skin and correct discolouration. It’s gives you a matte, medium to full coverage finish and feels hydrating and comfortable to wear.

Bare Minerals Original SPF 15 Foundation

With just five ingredients, this vegan loose mineral powder foundation is good for your skin both in the short-term and long-term. It’s lightweight with a silky and luminous finish and won’t crease throughout the day. It also has a huge shade range which is great to see.

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