Polished Skin

My favourite day spa have created a glycolic range of skin care products. Endota Spa Glycolic is an active treatment range designed to visibly improve the skin. I’m a big fan of AHA products, I know first hand the visible improvement to the skin they make.

Glycolic Acid is a natural fruit acid from the AHA family. It’s a naturally occurring exfoliant which loosens the bonds of dead skin on the epidermis revealing the healthy, hydrated and radiant skin beneath. I like to explain it like this- Your skin has a layer of dead skin cells on top, like fish scales sitting on top of the living skin cells beneath. The dead skin cells are dull and lifeless, they don’t hold any moisture and therefore don’t posses any light reflecting quality or ‘radiance’ at all. The more dead skin cells you accumulate on your skin, the more dull, dry and lack lustre your skin will look. Exfoliating using a regular exfoliant will remove SOME of the dead skin cells, however using a product containing an AHA or Glycolic will remove a vast amount of these dead skin cells. Your skin will  look instantly fresher, brighter, more even and your pores will be refined after using one of these products.

This Mask is applied in a creamy like texture, it has small jojoba granules in it which when you wash off help to exfoliate. As the mask dries it feels a bit like a clay mask, as though it’s deep cleansing and absorbing excess oil from the pores. There was no tingling which you can get from some Glycolic products.It smells nice too… Like Endota, it smells fresh and relaxing! After 15 mins you wash off using the jojoba beads in a light scrubbing action.

I could notice visible improvements to my skin, it was more radiant and my pigmentation wasn’t as obvious. This product is definitley a winner and I recommend to use it twice a week to maintain a healthy, hydrated and radiant skin.

Endota Spa Glycolic Polishing Mask is $70 and available at Endota Spa’s Nationwide. xx