Please Don’t Tell Me I Look Tired 

In the past if ever someone noticed I looked tired it never bothered me at all, probably because I actually was tired, and I knew I looked it too. Having little babies, working a lot, and just general working mum life would often leave me frazzled, and from time to time I must have looked frazzled too. 

Recently though I’ve been asked a few times if I’m tired… and let me tell you now it really bothers me, and here’s why…

I’ve been told I look tired a few times from sympathetic friends and family who have assumed that I’m burning the candle at both ends, and it bothers me because I’m not tired at all! In fact I’m well rested, eating well, my kids are bigger and fairly self-sufficient these days, I exercise, and in general I’m feeling pretty good. So why the hell do I look tired?!

It makes me feel as if I’ve been wasting all this effort on my amazing skin care routine and my healthy lifestyle if the way I feel on the inside isn’t being reflected on the outside. 

It got me thinking that maybe it’s time for some cosmetic intervention. Being in the industry I know that there are aesthetic practitioners out there delivering really beautiful natural looking results and if it’s that time in my life where I need help I’m not afraid to ask for it.

I don’t necessarily want to look younger, and I definitely want to look like myself, just the un-tired version. I don’t mind being ‘cosmetically enhanced’ as long as it looks natural and it makes me feel good.

In terms of the actual treatments I needed I wasn’t really sure. I wanted someone to look at my face and tailor a treatment program to my specific needs. I know quite well that cosmetic treatments are not a one size fits all business, and for natural looking results you really need an expert who can assess each area of your face aesthetically, and tell you what you need and devise an individualised plan.

After a bit of research and asking around I booked into see an aesthetic practitioner in Sydney who I know does really beautiful natural looking work.

When I sat down with her any trepidation I had about delving into the world of cosmetic injectables was eased. It was clear she knew what she was talking about, and she understood my desire to not look tired anymore and my desire for a naturally enhanced look.

My face was assessed in thirds- top third, mid third and lower third. She suggested we start treatment by addressing the frown lines, enhancing the cheeks with some volume replacement and revitalising and improving skin quality with an injectable skin hydration treatment. 

If all of these things will help me look fresh and less tired I’m all for it!!!

I felt really comfortable and confident with everything we discussed, we worked out a detailed plan and after some consideration I’ve booked in my treatments. There is no pressure whatsoever to go ahead with any treatment, in fact you are encouraged to make your own decision when you are ready.

If you think it might be time for you to consider cosmetic treatments it’s really important to  have confidence in your injector. A good way to choose an aesthetic practitioner is to ask for recommendations from friends and family and do your research online. For me I found the website to be super helpful. It provides in-depth details about treatment options and it also helps to find an aesthetic practitioner that is right for you. It also gives you the option of uploading your photo and seeing virtual results of what your treatment might look like which I found really interesting.

The next step is to start my treatments! I’m so excited to see the results and I’ll keep you up to date with what happens next, but for now ( if you’re curious about cosmetic treatments for yourself ) check out and explore your potential treatment options.

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