Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart Toothbrush

People are quick to judge these days and more often than not our teeth and smile are first to be scrutinised.

A smile can give people perceptions of our age, lifestyle, health, career and alcohol intake (especially if you’re a victim of the red wine smile)! I’m personally obsessed with makeover shows that re-do someone’s smile and they look ten years younger and have confidence in spades!

One of the most important elements of beauty and a well-cared for face is your smile and the effort you put into caring for it.

Modern beauty is all about functionality, efficiency / time saving, and a personalised approach. And I just love when a great product is created with a fusion of beauty and technology.

When Philips offered me the chance to trial the new Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart I jumped at it. This toothbrush is a revolutionary product! Not only is it beautiful looking (the packaging alone is divine), but it gives you the best clean you’ve had in ages, with many user finding they have whiter teeth in just three days using the brush.

I was amazed at the feel of the brush, unlike other electronic toothbrushes in the market, it uses a rapid back and forth sweeping sonic motion. The bristles feel gentle, yet powerful and you feel like you’re properly caring for your teeth. I feel so much more confident with a well-cared for smile.

As the name suggests, this product is really smart! It uses sensors and Bluetooth technology to connect the toothbrush to a mobile app on your smartphone. The toothbrush uses the app to give you the tips and guidance to help you clean your teeth more effectively. That’s right, your toothbrush communicates with you, in real time!

I can program into the app my specific areas of concern (areas I know are prone to plaque build-up or yellowing) and my toothbrush will highlight these and make sure I pay them a little extra attention when I’m brushing my teeth. It also helps that the brush has different modes such as a ‘White+’ to help me really focus on different areas. I saw the benefit in my smile almost straight away – everyone wants whiter teeth!

The app also tells you which areas you might have missed, or if you need to use more or less pressure, through in-built sensors in the brush. It lets you know when you’ve given your teeth a complete clean, and it also reminds you when you need to replace your brush head. It’s like having a fashionable dentist in your bathroom telling you how to brush!

Personally, I set my oral health goals in the app to ‘gum health’ because I know I’m prone to a little gum recession from brushing too hard. The app set me up on a 21-day brushing program to fix the issue. Now, each time I brush my teeth, my toothbrush sensor lights up to tell me when I’m brushing too hard. It’s amazing!

Once I’ve worked on my gum health I’ll move onto the stain removal program to make sure my teeth are the brightest they can be.

At the end of each month you can look back on your overview and track how much you’ve improved your brushing techniques. Giving you such a sense of achievement.
Weird as it sounds, I’m learning so much more about dental health from my toothbrush!!

Along with brushing programs and tips and tricks, the app also gives me little interesting facts each day. Just today I learned that 1 in 3 adults had never flossed their teeth!!! What?!!! Sort it out Australia, get yourself a Philips AirFloss.
The DiamondClean Smart toothbrush has a different brush head for each different need and concern. There is one for deep cleaning, one for stain removal, one for gum health and one for tongue cleaning – a complete system for a healthier mouth.

The toothbrush also comes with a handy travel case doubling as a USB charger while on the go, a stand for holding your brush heads, hygienic plastic covers for your brush, and a gorgeous charger glass for your bathroom benchtop.


This product has me really excited! The entire system works brilliantly, the app is insightful and easy to navigate and I’m really looking forward to feeling more confident due to whiter, healthier teeth and gums.

The Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart Toothbrush is available now at major retailers. Head to the Philips website to see a full list of stockists.