Pastel Blue- What’s Next For Kylie Jenner?

So Kylie Jenner is a fan of coloured hair too! This would have to be at least the fourth or fifth time we’ve seen Jenner adopt a bright new colour, and i think it’s probably my favourite. A pastel aqua blue has got everyone adoring her new colour. My hairdresser convinced me she was wearing a wig, but after stepping out in public this week with a much shorter pastel blue style I thought she was just wearing super long extensions. Confirming the fact though was Kylie snapchatting in the last few days with her hair back to her natural dark colour…. It was indeed a wig, and a good one at that!

To have lightened her hair enough to have a pastel this light Kyl’s would have had to go through the bleaching process several times as her hair is very dark. She would have had to use a product like Olaplex to reduce damage otherwise she’d be left with no hair at all. I wonder what she’ll do next? Wig or not, I’m loving the colours.