Oz Beauty Expert X The Daily Knicker

 IMG_4077v2 watermarkNeedless to say I was thrilled at the thought of a collaboration with one of the worlds most well renowned models, the divine Tiah Eckhardt Delaney.
Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Elle… You name it she’s done it. With a super successful modelling career under her belt this model/mummy has also turned one of her passions into a loveable blog about beautiful lingerie – The Daily Knicker.  I guess that makes her a model/mummy/blogger right? A girl can never have too many /////’s!
The Daily Knicker is a cheeky, informative and beautiful insight into all things lingerie. Tiah creates her own unique content for the blog including editorials, interviews with designers, and up to date trends which she hopes will “inspire women to buy beautiful lingerie for themselves because I think all women deserve to look and feel amazing”
Not only did I have the pleasure of doing Tiah’s make-up but I also had a chat with her about her thoughts on lingerie and beauty…

* Name your all time favourite lingerie pieces?

I honestly couldn’t pick, I have too many. And they also change as my sizes fluctuate. I believe everyone needs a good silk and/or lace three-piece, bra, bottoms and suspender set in either black, red or white. My most recent personal favorite has been Dita Von Teese’s ‘Marlene’.


* How do you choose what lingerie you feature on your blog?

They’re pieces that I purchase myself as a lingerie lover, wear and then share my experiences with my readers. Whether they’re positive or negative I give honest feedback as a consumer. I select them based on my (wide) personal tastes and they are usually lines that fit my size range. There are a lot of full-figure lingerie bloggers out there and even quite a few small bust bloggers for example, but it wouldn’t make much sense for me to review them when neither are made for me as a customer. I’m more about the fashion aspect of lingerie.

* Explain your beauty regimen?
Even though I like to play with a wide range of beauty products I remain consistent with a few good ones that I know work. I couldn’t get by without my deep-cleansing Clarisonic, Creme de La Mer and Frank Body Scrub. Those are my three everyday essentials. I also need a really good yet gentle make-up remover and there is nothing better than Bioderma Crealine, which you get in French pharmacies. I’m really big on periodical treatments too- I like light glycolic peels (for face and body), microdermabrasion and IPL.
*How important is beauty to you?
Beauty is obviously integral to my job but I actually love the whole ritual of it. Sometimes it’s just maintenance but a lot of the time it’s because I find it indulgent- my beauty routines are a sort of positive, meditative, self-worship. They make me feel good. It feels good to look good. Even after all these years modelling I still enjoy getting my hair and make-up done. It’s exciting and inspiring to have people create something where you’re the canvas.
* What beauty product/s could you not live without?
Khiels’s Creme De Corp and Palmer’s Body Gloss. Face Atelier Foundation, L’Oreal ‘Manga Eyes’ Mascara, Kevin Aucoin Contour, Mac Pro-Longwear Lipstick (red), Mac Studio Fix powder and I swear to god, I would die without a brow brush- I’m obsessed with brushing my brows and filling in with a (hard to find) auburn brow pencil called ‘Gingerella’! Yeah, basically, I’m not one of those models that’s like “Oh I just need some paw-paw ointment” because I need more than that and I LOVE so many products.
 IMG_4223v1 waterm
* What was the last makeup item you purchased?
A few of the limited edition Tom Ford lipsticks from the ‘Lips and Boys’ collection (Patrick, Luciano and Rafael)- they are phenomenal. I wish I’d bought more!
* What advice would you give someone looking to invest in some great sexy lingerie but unsure of what to look for?
First of all, get fitted properly. Fit is so important. Go to a great quality store with good, friendly staff that sells sexy lingerie- my favorites are Agent Provocateur and Honey Birdette. They both sell amazing lingerie and have the best sales assistants. Pick a classic 3-piece set in either black, white or another strong color that’s your favorite. But most of all, it’s got to feel nice and you’ve got to feel like it makes your body look better than without it. Also, pick something YOU think is sexy- not something you think your partner will think is sexy. No matter how much money you spend it won’t work if you feel awkward or embarrassed. So make sure you’re sexy, but comfortable and that it’s YOUR idea of sexy.
*Do you think wearing sexy lingerie can boost self confidence?
Definitely. There’s the foundational element of how good quality lingerie can improve the appearance of your outerwear, shape your body and affect how you hold yourself. I also think people underestimate what an easy and quick mood-booster it can be. No matter how bad my day, If I am wearing beautiful lingerie I still feel somewhat confident and luxurious.
* When you want to look your best in your knickers do you put on a bit of makeup or keep it natural?
I do different make-up looks for different lingerie. ie, my more simple, relaxed lingerie I will wear a more simple make-up, natural make-up. I do like to vamp up my lingerie with a beautiful hair and make-up look though, it just completes it. But if I had the choice of wearing amazing lingerie or full-on make-up I would choose the lingerie! I often do just put on a beautiful set and keep my face completely natural if i want a fast-track to feeling hot. It’s just quicker and easier! It also has the element of being my little secret. I’m a big fan of body make-up too with lingerie! Gosh, it’s just a total game-changer!
*What is your favourite perfume?
Lolita Lempicka, Givenchy Ange ou Demon and Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb. I’m a bit of fragrance addict actually! But all the ones I love seem to be sweet-woody and slightly…powdery? Sexy, innocent and interesting all at the same time.
* Where do you apply perfume?
Behind the earlobes, between the breasts, inner elbows and inner thighs. Well, they’re my places anyway.
* After years of sitting in the chair having your hair and make-up done what tips/tricks have you learned from the pro’s?

Oh so many things! How to contour has been my favorite thing, as well as adding highlights to little areas like brow bones, inner eyes and cupid’s bow. And the importance of a flawless base and good brushes. Rae Morris’ brushes are the best!

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