New Product Feature: Ultraceuticals Dual Microfoliant

I’m so excited about this product! It comes from one of my very favourite skin care brands Ultraceuticals and boy does it work beautifully.

Most of you know I regularly preach the benefits of an enzyme exfoliant. I believe that effective exfoliation is the single best thing you can do at home that will actually improve the look of your skin after just one use. Yes, creams and serums can make your skin glow, but that is simply a superficial effect. Using a good deep exfoliant regularly, will actually make your skin glow !!!

Let me explain it like this… on top of your living skin you also have a thick layer of dead skin cells (like fish scales) attached to the skin. These dead skin cells look dry, dull and make fine lines look deeper. This layer of dead skin is also where age spots, melasma and most types of pigmentation sit.

When you exfoliate using a great exfoliant it removes some of these dead skin cells. The more of that dead skin layer you are able to remove, the more you reveal the living, hydrated radiant skin cells beneath AND you remove pigmentation, reduce the depth of fine lines,  refine pores, making your skin look more radiant, and more even.

The key to getting a great result from exfoliating is most certainly in the product you use. A simple supermarket exfoliant just wont cut the mustard, and those unrefined granules will do your skin more harm than good by scratching and irritating. I would always recommend using an enzyme, or acid exfoliant. These light enzymes or acids will effectively remove many more dead skin cells and residue than old fashion scrubbing, and all without the irritation and scratching.

Ultraceuticals Dual Microfoliant is a dual action exfoliant for daily use which effectively sloughs off surface residue. This one does have micro fine beads in it which help to break down and remove dead skin, but these granules are actually pure vitamin C which gradually break down while you work the product into the skin and give your skin a vitamin C hit whilst you exfoliate.

Dual Microfoliant uses the powerful enzyme Bromelaine (derived from Pineapples) to break down and remove residue and dead skin. It’s designed for daily use, which means it’s not as strong as some at home exfoliants but I actually find it a lot more convenient and the daily use means I still get a very effective exfoliation over the course of a week. I leave it in the shower and massage it onto wet skin for 2 minutes each night. Having it as part of my shower routine, and having to only leave it on for 2 minutes as opposed to 15 minutes like you do with stronger enzyme exfoliants, is really simple and requires minimal effort.

Trust me when I say you will see brighter, clearer skin after just a couple of uses. And after using it for a couple of weeks straight you will see your skin glowing!


Let’s also remember Ultraceuticals is Australian made and owned, and cruelty free- another reason why we love it!

Ultraceuticals Dual Microfoliant is $79 and available online HERE.