NEW Ella Bachè Eternal+ Sculpting Serum

Ella Bachè have just added this beautiful new serum to their range of high performance skin care.

Eternal+ Sculpting Serum has been designed to firm and tone the skin whilst fighting the signs of ageing.

It is a lightweight addition to any skin care routine. Applied under your daily moisturiser morning and night, it’s quickly absorbed into the skin and it doesn’t effect the feel or effectiveness of your moisturiser or make-up. It’s a product that could easily be incorporated into any skin care routine.

Eternal+ Sculpting Serum contains Oat Sugar for it’s toning effect on the skin. It also contains red algae, amino acids, and Masclinic Acid from Olives. Combined these ingredients promise to give the skin more contour by firming, toning and replenishing moisture.

I’ve been using the product over a 3 week period and I love the extra boost it gives my skin. I’ve found it makes my skin feel smooth and supple, and as I mentioned it’s great to use under make-up. I find that my skin stays more plump during the day, and my make-up looks better and less dry around my fine lines.

The longer you use the serum the more benefits you will see, particularly firmness of the skin.

So if you’re after a bit of a boost for your skin, Ella Bache Eternal+ Sculpting Serum comes highly recommended from us!

Ella Bachè Eternal+ Sculpting Serum launches into Ella Bachè salons and David Jones stores nationally in March. It costs $119.