Miley for W Mag!!!


I think we were all at that point where we’d seen way to much of the new ‘bad ass’ Miley (and her tongue…) BUT just when you think you can’t handle another glimpse of her this editorial for W mag came out. WOW! Miley may be under a lot of scrutiny of late but lets just say she’s a whole lot smarter than most people give her credit for. I’m sure that every move she’s made over the past few months has been meticulously planned and executed. Now, Hannah Montana is extinct and all that remains is Miley- the sexy, talented, and most talked about celeb in ‘adult’ Hollywood.

So I’m guessing that now we’re all well aware that the disney star is no more, we will start to see the more serious side of Miley. Although it’s just the beginning of the new Miley this W Mag story is undeniably stunning while still  a little ‘tough’ Miley appears cool, beautiful and a lot softer. And while I won’t miss the tongue, this has been a reinvention that I have really enjoyed watching thus far. From here on in lets just hope Miley gets better and better!