Marnie Skillings- Beauty Favourites

Marnie Skillings

Marnie Skillings is a renowned and talented Aussie designer. Marnie owned and designed the Marnie Skillings label from 2000-2012, she recently joined the team at Ladakh and Huntingbird as Head Designer and Creative and is having an absolute ball! Marnie always looks fabulous, she has amazing skin and a killer sense of style. Needless to say I was eager to hear how she does it!

How would you describe your daily skin care routine?

Simple … Cleanse ( cetaphil), sunscreen and moisturiser at the moment. I am using Kiehls Ultra Facial  moisturizing lotion , but I change it up every few months… I try to drink 3 litres of water a day and take a multi vitamin!

Do you have any beauty secrets you swear by?

Be happy, it shows on your face… Protect your skin from the sun and don’t cake on the makeup ( I think it makes you look older) … Though if your super tired and time poor ( like me) a bright lip can also work wonders!

What is the most important aspect to you of looking after your skin?

Hate to bang on but I think it really is protecting it from the sun…. Ladies if you want to be brown… Fake…fake…fake, I like st tropez brand it’s smells better than the others……

Do you have any products you simply couldn’t live without?

Elucent day cream with aha or Neutrogena Ultrasheer for sun protection under my makeup .
Lancôme teint renergie lift foundation, Ysl Touché éclat, CK ONE bronzer compact in ‘Warm Glow’ ( it’s bronzer and blush cream), MAC ‘Melba’  powder blush, Illamasqua Mascara in ‘Raven’, Maybelline baby lips Glow, MAC lipstick in ‘Girl About Town’.

What was your last make-up purchase?

CK One lipstick in ‘Wow’.

How would you describe your ‘everyday’ make-up style?

Simple and quick. Moisturiser, sunscreen a light coat of base, some cream blush, mascara and lipgloss!

Has becoming a mum changed the way you look after your skin?

I have a lot less time and look WAAAY more tired…… So I keep it simple, light and fresh.

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