Make-Up Tools You Need To Know About!



These top beauty accessories are sure to make life easier!

default_3305647c3b0b13f2f0dc91d7cc72bafa9580fd2b_1446130891_the_buffer_airbrush_finish_bamboo_foundation_brushTarte The Buffer Airbrush Finish Foundation Brush $48

I’ve always been a fingers kinda girl when it comes to applying foundation. No brush or sponge could ever give me the perfect blended finish that my the warmth of my own hands could. Even if I used a brush or a sponge to apply it initially I always finished the blending with my fingers. Until now that is, this brush is spectacular!!! It blends foundation onto the skin in the most lightweight and flawless way I’ve ever seen, giving it an airbrushed finish.


Zoeva 110 Face Shape Brush $23

This one is a different shape to what I would usually use for contouring but I gave it a go and there’s been no looking back. It gives you a nice soft control when you blend shadow contour and it’s great with both cream or powder contour.


ModelCo Turbo Lash Wand Heated Eyelash Curler $35

 This is by far the easiest the eyelash curler to use EVER! It’s highly effective because it heats up and it’s easy to use because it doesn’t involve clamping on your eyelashes (yes, yes we’ve all been there- ouch!). You simply hold it beneath your lashes and gently push them upward.


Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleaning Glove $36 

This brilliant contraption is the Sigma Brush Cleaning Glove. It makes the chore of cleaning your brushes much easier. Just squeeze some shampoo or brush cleaner onto the mitt while it’s on your hand and gently rub the brushes on it. The various types of grip and ridges on the glove helps to easily remove make-up from deep within the bristles.


Smashbox Fan Brush #22 $26

A fan brush is an absolute essential for any type of smoky or statement eye make-up. The problem of eyeshadow crumbling onto the cheeks while you apply it happens to everyone, and if you’re using a dark or brightly coloured eyeshadow you need to be extra careful of how you remove the fall out from your face. If you try to wipe it away you’ll be left with a dark smear on your foundation. A fan brush is the only way to flick away fall out from eyeshadow without effecting your foundation.


Tweezerman Point Tweezer $38

Before my days as a false eyelash-aholic I only used flat tipped tweezers. But I’ve found that great pointed tweezers make false eyelash application SO much easier. The point enables you to precisely position and adhere the lashes onto the natural lashline.

lilac brush-500x500

Lulu & Lipstick Powder Brush $35

Lulu & Lipstick have a great range of vegan brush sets. This one is part of a travel set and it has become my number 1 Illuminate brush. It’s full and soft and works really well for evenly dusting illuminator over your cheek and brow bones.


Scunci Saliors Knot Comfy Head Wrap $9.95

This unassuming piece of head-wear from Scunci has become my best friend in the bathroom. It’s not just a normal headband, it’s made from super soft fabric that means it’s incredibly comfy to wear. I use it when I’m doing my make-up, when I’m doing my skin care, when I’m doing a face mask, and for everything in between when I want my hair off my face. What differentiates it from other headbands is that it’s so comfortable you don’t even know you’re wearing it and because it’s so soft it won’t ruin your hair by putting big dents or kinks in your hairstyle.


Scholl Electronic Foot File $54.99

A build up of dead dry skin on the feet can start to crack during the Summer months and it’s not only ugly but it can sometimes be quite painful. The Scholl Electronic Foot File saves loads of time and is significantly better at removing cracked skin than a manual foot file.