Look Red Carpet Fabulous. Tips from make-up expert Donna Mee.

Looking and feeling gorgeous for your next special event takes more than just an incredible gown and designer shoes.  Sometimes all it takes to feel amazing is a sumptuous new lip gloss or flirty false eyelashes but occasionally we need a little more primping.  If you have a special occasion coming up, you might want to treat yourself to some of the same pre-event pampering celebrity’s experience prior to a Hollywood event.

NAILS Treat yourself to your nail salons deluxe foot service before your next special event.  This may include an aromatherapy foot soak, sea salt scrub, intensive callous removal treatment, paraffin wax, a prolonged massage or all of the above!  The perfect color nail polish will match or harmonize with your outfit, although, French manicured toes are always a sexy alternative.

SMOOTHER SKIN Healthy skin naturally exfoliates almost on a daily basis.  Advancing the rate of exfoliation is a simple way to improve the look of the skin by smoothing the texture and improving an already healthy glow.  Getting facials that include a peel or microdermabrasion treatment will improve skin dramatically in one visit to a skin care specialist such as a nurse practitioner, dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon.  Estheticians offer facials and milder versions of peels, but the results are not as visual as the treatments offered by medical specialists.  For a do it yourself quick fix, apply lemon yogurt as a mask to a clean face for ten minutes and rinse.  The citric acid in the lemon exfoliates the skin, and the acidophilus in the yogurt heals blemishes quickly by dissolving bacteria.  Your skin will be baby soft in minutes and will have a healthy glow.

LIPS Regardless of how expensive your lipstick is, it won’t look great if your lips are chapped.  There are a plethora of lip products on the market but few actually penetrate the lips to replace lost moisture needed to heal and sooth dry, chapped lips.  Those that do are usually labeled as a lip balm.  Look for healing ingredients such as natural herbs, plant extracts, natural beeswax and tocopherol (vitamin E).  Avoid non-penetrating ingredients such as petroleum, petrolatum, mineral oil, and various forms of synthetic wax.  Once your lips are moist, generously apply lip liner pencil, blend color into the lips with a synthetic lip brush and then apply lipstick with the same brush.  For a finished look, apply your favorite shimmer gloss on top.  For a longer lasting pout, instead of gloss tap a tiny bit of a loose shimmer eye shadow over the lip in a harmonizing shade.

LASHES Long, full, dark eyelashes have always been a sign of beauty.  While some women are blessed with luxurious lashes, most diligently curl their eyelashes and lavishly coat them with their favorite mascara everyday.  Few celebrities are seen on the red carpet without false eyelashes.  The truth is, they are much easier to put onto someone else then they are to put on yourself.  It’s not impossible but it certainly takes practice so purchase several pairs and practice with a friend before your next big event. Insight to picking out the most flattering styles is that lashes always appear longer on than they do in the package!