Long Hair And Loving It

AB0Z9838SonnyphotosAre you getting bored with your long hair? Do you feel it’s getting too unmanageable, takes too long to style or it’s just getting downright annoying?

Before you make a rash decision and get the chop here are a few tips, tricks and styling cheats to make you fall in love with your long locks all over again!

Improve Your Styling Habits-

  • Flat, wide paddle brushes are perfect for smoothing out long hair when blow-drying. Using a paddle brush will minimise frizz and increase shine.
  • Use a serum after each wash. This will act to protect against heat styling damage and give you a shine boost.
  • When blow drying your hair flip your head forward and blow dry. This will act as a root lift and give you loads more volume.
  • Clean your brushes regularly. Yes! I know very few of you do this but think of the oil, product and dust build up your brushes collect over time. Every few weeks remove the hair build up in your brush and shampoo the bristles with regular shampoo.

Embrace Hair Accessories-

  • Invest in some pretty hair accessories to make simple styles pop! Not only do they make the styles look better but they make life easier too!
  • Metallic ponytail cuffs are totally on trend and make a simple pony tail look stunning!
  • Buy a pretty head scarf and use it as a headband. This can make a boring old bun or ponytail into a statement look with minimal effort.
  • Use a bun tool, otherwise known as a ‘donut’ to create a perfect bun in seconds.
  • Keep a stash of coloured ribbons and use them to decorate a ponytail, a bun or as a headband when you wear your hair out.

Make It Shine-

  • Allow your hair to dry naturally as often as possible
  • Buy a good natural bristle brush. Natural bristles are softer, more flexible and cause less damage.
  • Avoid excess brushing when your hair is wet. Just brush or comb enough to detangle.
  • Don’t tie your hair up too tightly. Tying the hair up too tightly causes the hair to snap. Invest in some soft, flexible elastics that cause minimal damage.
  • It is a myth that you need to brush you hair with 100 strokes each day. This actually causes more damage than good. Just brush as much as necessary.

Hot Hairstyle Trends-

Lucky for us some of the hottest hairstyles currently trending are very simple and easy to achieve and look best on long hair.

  • The Sleek Ponytail. Comb wet hair into a sleek ponytail, smooth over with some styling spray or hair gel and voila! You have a super cool an on trend look.
  • The Pony Tail. Pretty much any type of ponytail is a huge current trend. With all sorts of ponytail variations being seen on international runways. The best part is that ponytails are so simple to do. Try experimenting with variations- textured, smooth, high, low, sleek, messy etc…
  • The Wet Look. This one can make life so easy! Apply hair gel generously throughout the hair, part the hair on the side and comb back behind the ears. This look is SO hot right now!
  • The Top Knot. The beauty of the top knot is that the messier it is the better it looks! And it works best with long hair. Try tipping the head forward and grabbing the lengths like a ponytail, start twisting up into a messy pile on top of the head and securing with bands or bobby pins. Try adding a ribbon or flowers for a little something special!

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