Let’s Talk Nails

Usually I’m not one to ever worry about what my nails look like, I have a tendency to either, a) bite my nails, or b) pick my nail polish off. However, after speaking with two well renowned nail experts on what the big nail trends will be for 2017, I definitely feel inspired to try something new.

This year nail trends are all about stepping out of your comfort zone.

Here’s the lowdown on the nail trends you NEED to try in 2017.

Rita Remark, Global Essie Expert, saw nails at the start of 2017 looking bright with vibrant blues and pastel pinks, the perfect shades to compliment the warmer months.

Now that summer has past and we are moving into the colder months, Rita Remark believes that “nail polish will be much more multi-dimensional as textures like iridescent, metallic and holographic will be prominent.”

Winter will see past nail trends return with moody and gloomy shades such as red, mauve and black.

Alison Bowhill Hayes, Sally Hansen Nail Expert predicts “autumn and winter will see transitional colours like neutrals, browns, and grey tones.”

Grey is one of the most popular nail colours, as it tends to go with any outfit, match any skin tone and can still make a statement.

It’s also very refreshing to hear that nail art is here to stay in 2017.

Rita Remark says, “lots of gold and silver effects will be seen as well as some perfectly “imperfect” designs, like wavy brushstrokes, and asymmetrical designs like graphic slanted angles.”



One of the best tips I received from Alison Bowhill Hayes is that “if you have narrow/thin nails, keep them square. If you have short dumpy nails, keep them oval. These are illusion shapes that make the nails enhanced by tricks in vision.”

Moving onto what’s hot on the red carpets, celebrities tend to request shades that won’t take away from their dress, which results in either a nude or metallic shade.

Speaking of metallic and chrome shades, this trend began to boom in summer 2016/2017 and it looks like it is here to stay for quite some time.

Alison Bowhill Hayes requests you to “go for melted-down metals — gold’s, bronzes, and pewters are all cool options and rose gold continues to be a huge option.”


And when it comes to length, that’s all about personal preference. No length of nail is considered a trend, it’s up to your own personal preference.


Meet the two well-respected experts behind the hot goss and nail trend advice for 2017.

Rita Remark, Global Essie Expert


Alison Bowhill Hayes, Sally Hansen Nail Expert


Written by Laura Harriss