LASH ME! a guide to false eye lashes.

Ever contemplated DIY falsies? A daunting concept if you think about it! Glue near your eye, and only one eye open….Aaarrrrggghhhhhh!

People keep asking me if I have tried lash extensions and the answer is yes. I have had extensions put in several times and while they look great for the first week they can be high maintenance. You see the problem is your eyelashes fall out and renew themselves about every 8 weeks. So with a lash extension attached it adds a lot of extra weight to the lash and it falls out much quicker than usual. This often left me with areas of my lashes looking full and long and others (where they had fallen out) looking gappy and short. To keep them perfect all the time I reckon you’d have to get them re-done every fortnight.

A simple solution is DIY falsies. I would recommend using a regular latex eyelash glue for first timers as this glue is easily removed without pain or fuss, so if you make a mistake you can easily pull off and re-apply. Once you get better at applying them you could move onto a semi permanent glue which with care can keep your falsies on for up to 3 weeks.

There are 3 basic types of false lashes. Strip lashes, Cluster lashes and Single hair lashes. The easiest for a beginner to apply are the clusters, you just put a tiny ball of glue on the base, blow on it for 30 seconds or so until the glue is tacky then push into the base of the lashes. Make sure you pick up the cluster with the thumb and fore finger when removing them from the pack, this way you can just add glue and apply without handling them and risk dropping them. One you have applied 4 or 5 to the outer corners of the lash line open both eyes and check all lashes are line and at the same angle as your natural lashes. You don’t want any droopy ones.

Once you have mastered cluster lashes you will probably find its quicker and easier to apply strip lashes. You only have to glue them once and the whole eye is done. The trick is getting the strip to lay as close to or on top of the base of the lashline. Apple glue all along the base of the strip lash and wait 30 seconds or so until glue is tacky then apply from the outer corner inwards. Dont be afraid of using a toothpick or the end of a make-up brush to push the base of the lash into place. Also , always check that the lash isn’t too long for your eye. Before you put glue onto the lash measure it against your lash line and trim it from the inner edge to make it shorter to fit the eye. I find strip lashes almost always need to be shortened. You don’t want excess lash hanging at either end, it won’t look good and it will be highly irritating.

There is a large range of lashes available. Short, medium and long in length. Black or Brown etc. Glue is also available in black and brown so it is more disguised in the lashes. Regular lash glue goes on white but dries clear.

False lashes are available at places like Price Attack, Priceline and even Big W. However i find Ardell have the best range and quality. They are available online at Crush Cosmetics.

See this video for a strip lash tutorial