Lash Extensions- what you need to know!

I’ve been thinking about the best way to explain to you why I love my lash extensions… And aside from the fact that I wear much less eye make-up when I have them on, and that it cuts down time getting ready each morning, I think the best way to explain it is that they make me feel prettier.

Every time I get them re-done everything looks noticeably better… not just my make-up, but my whole face.
And I still find it weird that such a tiny detail on your face can have such an effect on your overall appearance, yet it does.
It took me a long time to even try lash extensions. I’d heard stories about them ruining your natural lashes, I had great lashes already and was reluctant to risk damaging them.
When I first tried lash extensions I planned on doing it once or twice and then having a break to assess whether there was any damage. But trust me, once you have a good set of lash extensions it’s very hard to go without.
There are some important factors in getting the perfect set and making them last well, I spoke with my lash extension guru Jini Han from Lash Room Double Bay to get some popular questions answered to help make your decision easier.
Why should we try lash extensions?
“Lash extensions achieve a lot thicker and longer look than mascara but it’s a lot more natural look than strip/false lashes” says Jini. “Lash lifts only work for women who have long and thick natural lashes. If they have thin and short lashes, it doesn’t do anything. But extensions work for everybody”.
What makes some lash extensions better than others?
Bonnie: The number one reason that your lash extensions will be good or not relies on the person who applies them. Results vary dramatically depending on who does your lashes. It depends on their technique, the product they use and their personal style.
I had my lashes done at one particular salon a few times, and every time I asked for them to be thicker and longer than the time before. I was told I had the thickest & longest possible extensions already, but they didn’t look much different to my natural lashes. What’s the point if they don’t look any different?!
I have a friend who always had amazingly full lash extensions, and that’s how I wanted mine to be. But no matter what I said, the salon I was going to wasn’t giving me that. There was only one way to get what I wanted- go to the same salon my friend went to!
Since I went to Lash Room Double Bay , I haven’t looked back. I have the most amazing, full lash extensions!
Should we take a break from lash extensions occasionally or is it fine to wear them all the time?
Jini says “Yes, we recommend to have a couple of months break once a year if you have them done every 2~3 weeks. But many of my clients choose not to a have break and some have had their lashes done by me continuously over 7-8 years” Says Jini. “Believe it or not their lashes are still in good condition. So it’s more about where they get the lashes done and how well they care for them at home”.
Bonnie: In my opinion yes you should have the occasional break, mostly for your own peace of mind. I’ve done this twice and I’ve come to the same conclusion twice.
Once your extensions are off your natural lashes will be much shorter, but this isn’t permanent. It’s because your natural lashes have been weighed down with the weight of the lash extensions they’ve shed( fallen out) faster.
Both times I’ve found that within a month they’ve regrown to their normal length and thickness.
Do lash extensions damage the eyelashes?
Jini says “It’s more about where you get lashes done and the after care at home. We see some lashes from other places which are really bad. Too much glue has made all the natural lashes stick together and pulled. We’ve also seen lashes stuck onto the skin which makes the eyelids irritated. So everyone should do their research before they get lashes done. Most people know that they can’t use mascara on extensions, and that they can’t touch the lashes, rub them.. etc but in my view the cleansing routine is the most important. Some people think they can’t wet the lashes at all. You actually can wet them 8 hours after application. It’s very important to wash lash extensions so they stay nice and clean. If you don’t wash them, oil from the skin and make-up  will build up on the them, it doesn’t look good and it makes the eyelash follicle weak”.
How long do they last?
Bonnie: Usually they say three weeks. But mine last me 5 weeks! Another reason to look for a great salon…..
How do you make your lash extensions last longer, and how do you look after them?
Bonnie: Firstly don’t put mascara on them (you shouldn’t need it anyway).
Be sure to carefully remove make-up when cleansing the eye area. Gone are the days of giving the eyes a good old scrub with your cleanser! This is probably the most annoying part of having lash extensions, having to carefully remove your eye make-up.
Is there a certain type of lash extension that is superior- mink? synthetic? silk? or a certain brand which is better?
Bonnie: In my view using a vegan product is best.
There is a lot of mink available on the market which comes from the fur of the mink animal. They say that mink are not harmed in the process, however given the fact that mink are naturally aggressive animals they have to be restrained in a process which is traumatic for the animal. Mink farms keep the animals in large quantities in inhumane environments.
I’ve always had synthetic lashes and they are definitely just as good.
There is no reason anyone should be supporting animal cruelty where it’s so easily avoidable.

 Jini says “Lashes come with various different amounts of curl, thickness and length. Some brands look more natural and feel softer. I’ve been researching product in the industry for many years now and I’ve found the best lashes possible”.

How much are they?
A full set of lash extension costs anywhere from $70-$190.
How do I know if a salon does good extensions?
Bonnie: The best way is to ask around. Ask friends where they go and if they’ve been happy with the results. If you see someone with great lash extensions ask what salon they go to. Just know that every salon will give you a different result so it’s pretty important to know which salons have a great reputation.
My recommendation- Lash Room Double Bay are really amazing!
Contact them HERE or call  02 9328 6392