Lace Manicure

Lace manicure’s are the latest nail trend to be worn by celebs and seen on the the fashion stage. I must admit I love this look! It has an air of romance and looks really pretty. Worn by celebrities such as Blake Lively and Jennifer Lopez, lace manicures are becoming more desirable as a fashion accessory.

Here is a quick step by step ‘how to’-
First apply your preffered nail colour as normal. I used ‘Pink Friday’ by OPI from the Nikki Minaj collection. Allow the polish to completely dry then cut the lace into 10 pieces approximately nail size.
Apply a clear top coat, not a quick drying one as you need to press the lace into the top coat when it is wet. Position the lace onto the nail with tweezers and push into top coat.
Finish with another layer of top coat and allow to completely dry.
Using nail scissors trim away any unwanted lace from the edges.