Kiss Nail Dress

I dont know about you but with two little kids its nearly impossible for me to get my nails dry without getting them all mangled. I was getting ready to go out on saturday night and I remembered I had some Kiss Nail dress in my drawer, so I thought I’d give them a try…

OMG these things are amazing. They are sooooo easy to apply!

Basically they are nail shaped stickers that you place over your natural nail and have an instant dazzling manicure. There are loads of designs and you can use them on toes too. They took me 10 minutes to apply to fingers and toes and the best part was I didn’t have to wait for them to dry! The pack says they last up to 10 days. I am pretty rough with my hands and I peeled them off after 5 days when one started to lift, but I just can’t wait to put on my lace pattern ones for a wedding this weekend.

I got so many comments…my nails were BLING’IN. I am wearing the style ‘Babydoll’ in the above image and ‘mini’ in the below!

Kiss Nail dress are available at Priceline for $13.99 in a wide range of designs. Check them out HERE.

CLICK HERE to watch a video ‘how to’ apply them.