Jade Rollers; What do they actually do?

The latest beauty tool to grow a cult following and start an Insta craze has got a lot of people wondering; what actually are the benefits of a jade roller and does it work?

Drawn from ancient Chinese practices that are centuries old, jade rollers are created to harness the calming and healing powers of the natural jade stone. Paired with the motion of rolling it across your face, the tool boasts a myriad of benefits.

For the unfamiliar, they look a little like a paint roller with a long oval stone on one end of a handle and a smaller round stone on the other. The larger stone is designed to treat areas like your forehead, cheeks and jawline while the smaller is for getting tight spots like your eye contour.

The massaging motion of using the tool helps to loosen and relax your facial muscles preventing wrinkles and fine lines over time. It can also help to relieve pain from tight facial muscles such as jaw pain.

The motion also stimulates circulation, which helps to give you a plump, glowing, ‘I’ve had 8-hours of sleep every night this week’, kind of look.

Because the jade stone also promotes lymphatic drainage, you can also count on your roller to depuff your face and help to minimise your under eye bags. Leaving it in the fridge or freezer also helps to boost its soothing and anti-inflammatory powers.

When using your jade roller, it pays to be using your favourite serums and moisturisers. Anything that can help your skin absorb products instead of being soaked up by your pillowcase is a winner in my books. Trapping serums and moisturisers between your skin and a jade roller, as well as the stimulating effect of the massage, means product actually stays on your skin and it isn’t evaporated or rubbed off.

A quick online search will turn up hundreds of demonstrative videos but they’re really pretty simple to use. Using gentle pressure, roll upwards and outwards from the centre of your face for 3-5 mins a night, typically with your serum before moisturising.


So, if you’re ready to buy into the craze and add a jade facial roller to your beauty arsenal, here’s a few of our faves…


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