It’s Time to Add These Anti-Aging Products to Your Routine

No matter your age, anti-aging products are a crucial part of your skincare routine. Such a major part of looking after our skin’s health is about prevention and minimising damage from the outset.

When you’re 20 years old with baby soft skin and not a wrinkle in sight, it’s easy to think that ageing is a problem for future you, but studies are increasingly showing that starting a diligent anti-aging skincare routine from your early 20’s is paramount. It’s when we’re young and carefree that most damage is done leaving it to show up years later.

The other thing to consider about anti-aging skincare routines, is that wrinkles are not the only thing you need to be treating. Pigmentation, sagging skin, loss of tone and volume and dryness are all factors that contribute to making our skin look aged so your routine needs to be multi-faceted.

Here’s the products you should be adding to your routine…

Peter Thomas Roth Anti Aging Cleansing Gel – All good skincare routines start with a good cleanser and this one is better than most that I’ve tried. Loaded with glycolic and salicylic acids as well as peach extracts, white oak bark and citrus fruits, it gently exfoliates deep down in your pores for a smoother and brighter complexion. It also encourages cell turnover, a key part of preventing wrinkles. The gel formula glides onto your skin easily and although powerful, it’s gentle enough to use daily without worrying about upset skin.

PCA Skin Intensive Brightening Treatment – With 0.5% pure retinol, this powerful cream targets pigmentation and brightness while also fighting wrinkles. It’s formulated with resveratrol, a natural antioxidant that’s praised for its anti-aging benefits and niacinamide, an ingredient that works to improve the appearance of large pores and skin tone. It’s not for the faint of heart as this product packs a serious punch but just a few weeks of use and you’ll start to notice it’s benefits.

Mukti Age Defiance Night Serum – This serum is loaded with Certified Organic ingredients that combine to create a strong defence against pigmentation, sun damage and the signs of ageing. Kakadu Plum, Quandong and Davidson Plum are just a few of the Bioactive ingredients that work alongside Chromabright and Vitamin A. It’s gentle enough that Vitamin A first timers can use it nightly without adverse reactions and the serum soaks beautifully into your skin moments after applying it.

Aspect Gold Probiotic Sleep Mask – Although it’s not specifically for anti-aging, keeping your skin hydrated is a big part of preventing wrinkles and sagging skin. This Aspect mask certainly lives up to its promise of being a luxurious, pro-biotic rich solution to dehydrated and dull skin. It’s packed with a load of skin loving ingredients like soothing Aloe Vera, hydrating Sodium Hyaluronate, conditioning milk proteins and antioxidant packed Acai.

Paula’s Choice Resist Anti-Aging Eye Cream  If you’ve never been able to decide between creams or serums for your eyes this product is a happy compromise. It’s a balm like consistency rich in shea butter and a blend of antioxidants that hydrate the eye area while softening signs of age, reducing puffiness and treating dark shadows. Just one use of the potent cream and you’ll notice the difference to the skin around your eyes.

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