Inspiring Beauty with Jesinta Campbell


This week I chat with kind, hard working and inspiring model and presenter Jesinta Campbell. Jesinta spills on who inspires her, career highlights and gives her best advice to inspire us to achieving our goals. Beautiful on the inside as well as the outside Jesinta Campbell is driven, passionate, kind and inspiring…
Do you have a ‘go to’ everyday make-up look?
On my days off I keep it pretty simple! Moisturised skin, a tiny bit of bronzer, a little mascara and filled in brows! Because I spend most of my days with lots of make up on for work I like to keep it clean and simple when I’m off duty.
Describe your daily beauty routine?
Every morning I wash my face with warm water, cleanse with Dermalogica Daily microfoliant then finish off with a hydrating moisturiser. At night it’s exactly the same exceptt I use an exfoliating polish every night.

With so much of your career being about looks what would you say is the most important aspect of beauty to you?
If you feel good it usually shows on the outside. Look after yourself with regular exercise, eat healthy food and drink lots of water. And don’t forget to treat yourself! Beauty is when someone is healthy and happy!
Who inspires you?
My mum is my biggest inspiration. She is the kindest person I know and I wouldn’t be where I am today with her and my dad! They are legends!
At the end of a busy week how do you relax and make yourself feel good?
A bubble bath, order in Miss Chu and watch a movie on the couch with my partner! Nothing better!
What are your three all time fav beauty products?
Red Lipstick. Mineral make up. Bronzer.

How often do you visit a salon for a facial/spray tan etc…?
I get a facial once every 3 months but if time permits and I’m not so busy I aim for every fortnight. I only get sprayed for swimwear shoots, my skin is quite olive so I don’t need one for day to day.

What would you say has been your career highlight so far?
My first Getaway trip was so special. I travelled around India for 3 weeks and it was an experience of a lifetime. It was just magical.

Being such a successful businesswomanwhat piece of advice would you offer to all the other women out there trying to achieve their dreams?
Dream Big and work your arse off!! Set yourself a vision and do something everyday towards achieving it, success doesn’t happen to lucky people it happens to people who dare to dream and work hard.
If you could offer one piece of advice to busy women to help keep their skin bright and glowing what would it be?
Be diligent. Never sleep in your make up and keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water!!