Inspiring Beauty with Jennifer Hawkins

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She’s one ofAustralias’ most beautiful and successful women. Originating from Newcastle (like myself) she’s come along way from the Knights Cheerleader I used to see in the bikini competitions back in the day. Even back then there was something about her that came across as funny and cute with an undeniable sense of humour. She isn’t just a beauty either, Jen is a successful entrepreneur and business woman who I personally find inspiring and loveable. I picked Jens brains on all things beauty and inspiration….


1. Every Aussie girl likes to be bronzed and beautiful. How important to you is being sunsafe and protecting your skin against the sun?

I think it’s so important to be sun safe and protect your skin, which is a key reason why I wanted to create a self tanning product.
Say no to baking and yes to safe tanning!
2. Do you have any tips for achieving the perfect tan?

Exfoliation! – it’s my number 1 tip. My tan is always perfect after I exfoliate.

3. Do you have a ‘go to’ everyday make-up look?

Beach babe would be my inspiration. Bronzed face, illuminated cheek bones, chocolate liner on my eyelids (smudged out), mascara, and a lip tint.

4. What inspired you to create your own tanning range?

I had been searching for the perfect face tan and couldn’t find one. A tan that gave me a beautiful deep colour, one that contained natural, hydrating ingredients, and a tan that didn’t make me break out- so I created one. Jbronze Face Flawless Tan and Dark Mousse are my go to-face tanners.
5. What factors were most important to you when developing the products?

My tan needed to have a beautiful smell, colour, and include natural ingredients. Also longevity was and still is very important to me. So I tested the formulas, perfected them with my team and I now have a product I can trust 100%.
6. Describe your everyday beauty routine?

Hydration is key. Water, moisturiser, Jbronze Shimmer on my cheek bones, vitamins & lots of sleep!

7. With so much of your career being about looks what would you say is the most important aspect of beauty to you?

Looks are actually not the most important thing to me. Above looks, I value loyalty, honesty, respect- and I show that to others.

8. Who inspires you?

My family and people with drive and passion for life.
9. What would you say has been your career highlight so far?

Founding and running my own businesses, Cozi and Jbronze.
10. Being such a successful businesswoman what piece of advice would you offer to all the other women out there trying to achieve their dreams?

Find your passion and love what you do, know that passion conquers fear. Focus on the solution and not on the problem and learn from your mistakes.
Dream big- What you dream is what you will do. Oh, and never give up!
11. How often do you use Jbronze? Daily, weekly, or just for an event?

For my face – daily. For my whole body – every 4/5days.
12. Favourite product in the J-Bronze range?
Jbronze Professional! It’s new and exciting and it’s such a beautiful product!
13. What is your favourite beach holiday destination?

Maldives and Newcastle

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