If You Smoke Your Futures Not Pretty

We all know smoking is expensive, unhealthy and cancer causing but now the spotlight is on the physical effects of smoking. Looking great means feeling great, and each year as a nation we spend many hours visiting hair salons and big dollars on beautifying products and treatments but even for a social smoker these could be a complete waste of time and money as cigarettes (each cigarette) dramatically accelerates the ageing process. No miracle cream or beauty treatment stands a chance against the daily barrage of toxic chemicals a smoker inhales.

When put into perspective it’s truly shocking just how much better a non smoker will look compared to a smoker of that same age even in their 20’s. Smoking accelerates the ageing process by 10-20 years as tobacco smoke contains over 7000 chemicals which causes sagging skin, deep lines, saggy breasts, bags under the eyes, bad breath, discolouration of the skin and stained yellow teeth. So if cancer wasn’t confronting enough hopefully this reality check on the physical effects is enough to make you quit! Take a look at the difference below-Screen shot 2014-10-14 at 10.58.21 PM

Women around Queensland will have the chance to face facts about the impact of smoking when the campaign “If you Smoke Your Futures Not Pretty” hits the road later this month. The roadshow will hit Townsville, Rockhampton, Brisbane and the Sunshine coast where women will have the chance visit the ‘make under’ booth to see what they’d look like if they smoke and have the ability to share the images across their social media to help spread the message that every cigarette dramatically speeds up the ageing process. The roadshow will also offer some great resources to help young women quit.

Also launching to coincide with the roadshow is the online photo booth tool to see just how old and horrible you’ll look if you keep smoking! This is simply shocking- look how awful I would look as a smoker of the same age! All I can say is thank god I didn’t become a smoker!!! ….YUK

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To see the future you  as a smoker or for help quitting click HERE or visit www.qld.gov.au/ifyousmoke

The Queensland Health If you smoke, your future’s not pretty roadshow will visit:

Thursday October 16 – Townsville Townsville Stockland Shopping Centre 10am – 4pm

Saturday October 18 – Rockhampton Rockhampton Stocklands Shopping Centre 10am- 4pm

Thursday October 23 – Sunshine Coast Sunshine Plaza, Maroochydoore 10am-4pm

Saturday October 25 – Brisbane Westfield Garden City 10am-4pm

or visit the website for more info-