How To Wear Coloured Eyeliner

Inventive ways to use eyeliner has been a breakout beauty trend this season with multiple NYFW beauty looks putting their own spin on the fun makeup technique.

Applying a brightly hued eyeliner in a creative way is the new statement eye, and perfect for any season. There is the ability to have a lot of fun with the versatile trend or play it on the safe side for everyday life.

It’s easy to find eyeliner intimidating let alone choosing it in a bright blue or neon green. Fortunately, with so many formulas and great inspiration available, it really is easy for anyone to change up their look by adding a swipe here or smudge there.

Before you decide where to place your coloured liner though, there are a few things to think about…

Choose your colour like you would an eyeshadow, that being, one that suits both your skin tone and eye colour.

Use a waterproof formula. It should go without saying that a smudge of yellow or red around your eyes isn’t quite as flattering as a smudge of black eyeliner.

Make your eyes the hero of your look by keeping everything else paired back. Unless you’re going for a costume-esq, bold look, nude lips and flushed cheeks are the best accompaniment.

Start with a white liner if you really want your colour to pop. White creates a nice base and allows the pigment of your brighter colour to really stand out against your skin.

Now for where to wear your coloured liner…


Applying a small amount of liner on the inner corner of your eyes will make them pop without having to go overboard with colour. You have the flexibility to go for a bright colour or choose metallic for a glamorous evening look.


By adding a pop of colour to your waterline you have the ability to really open up your eyes and make them pop. The trick is to choose a bright or light colour (nothing too dark and moody), in a shade that contrasts your eye colour.


Probably the boldest of all the looks, use a liquid or gel pen liner to create a floating line of colour either in or above your crease line.


Have a little fun with your classic cat eye by creating it in an on-trend colour like Kendall Jenner’s neon green. You can choose just about any colour without making your makeup look like a costume.


Best for creating moody looks, lightly line underneath your lower lash line and smudge it out using a fluffy brush, similar to the way you would apply your eyeshadow underneath your eye.

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