How to Take the Perfect Holiday Selfie


If there was ever a time to spam your insta followers with multiple selfies the holiday season is it. With many festivities and parties to attend, you won’t want to waste insta-worthy make up by missing a selfie photo op.

The selfie seems like a simple process requiring little to no skill. However there’s a lot more to getting a good snap than you think.

If you want your #selfie to stand out, here are a few tips:

Love That Light

Good lighting is probably the most crucial element of great photo. The right light will soften your features and eliminate the need for a filter. Natural lighting is your best bet, so try to take a photo while you are facing a window. When the sun goes down, you will most likely find the best lighting in your bathroom.

All About Angles

Always hold your camera above your head. This will make your eyes look bigger and eliminate a guest appearance from a double chin.

Experiment until you find your best angles. Everyone has a good side, and if you can figure out yours this will be a game changer whenever you have your photo taken. Fear of the tagged Facebook photo will be a thing of the past.

Play up Your Best Features

If you have nice eyes, focus on a few extra coats of mascara and eyeliner. If your lips are luscious wear a bright lipstick to draw attention to them. Whatever your best features are, use makeup to make them pop.


Practice Your Smile

There’s nothing worse than posing for a photo and completely forgetting how to smile. Save yourself from the awkwardness and practice with your selfies at home. This way you won’t have to waste precious party time re-taking photos until you get your face right.

Makeup is Your Best Filter

A great base will go a long way in photos. Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation was specifically designed for the film and television industry, to create a flawless and natural looking complexion on camera. To ensure an even coverage make sure you apply with a quality foundation brush. I’m a fan of Tarte’s The Buffer Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush which really does give your skin a perfectly airbrushed finish.

Cheat Those Cheekbones

If you’ve never contoured, doing so before a selfie is a great idea. Using a matte bronzer in the hollows of your cheeks, temples and underneath your jawline will bring your bone structure out in photos. Sweep a highlight powder on the tops of your cheeks, and down your forehead, nose and chin to give your skin a beautiful glow.

Lashes and Brows

If you do nothing else, long lashes and groomed brows are an easy way to look prepped and polished in a photo. Applying false lashes will take your look to a whole other level. Seriously… you may never want to go sans falsies again. For great brows use a brow pencil like Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz to fill-in and shape your eyebrows. Use a light touch to avoid the famous #instabrow and keep it natural.

Written by Sophie Howe