How To Make Your Make-Up Last All Day… Even in Summer!!

Summer days are hot and humid and it’s hard not to have your make up sliding down your face, all that time and effort in the morning gone to waste. Most people think that you need to apply tons of make up to your face to make it stay on, but that is simply not true. Especially in summer we ladies want a simple fuss free make up routine. If you follow these tips and use the right products the only thing you’ll be retouching is your lipstick. No more having to lug around a heavy make up bag and touching up your make up twice or more during the day.


1: Keeping skin clean and polished: Having clean skin allows for your foundation to go on flawlessly and smooth. Clean skin allows the foundation to sit evenly on the skin making it last even longer throughout the day. Maintaining clean skin is essential so be sure to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize.


2:Priming your face: ‘Not to prime is a crime’ or so someone once told me…. There’s not a day where I would be without my primer. Priming your face with a primer is not only going to help you save the amount of foundation you use but will also help create a flawless base for you to apply your foundation.


3: Choosing the right formula of foundation: This is crucial if you want your foundation to last all day. Different foundation formulas adapt to different skin types. If you have oily skin you want to choose a foundation that is an oil free liquid formula or opt for a powder or mineral foundation. For people that have dry skin, use a liquid or cream foundation.


4: Applying make up with a brush: Applying foundation with a brush is going to use less product and is going to help you achieve a flawless coverage. Using a brush is also going to make it easier for you to blend the foundation onto your skin seamlessly.


5: Using the right amount of product: Using less product is essential when applying your foundation as it is better starting off with a light coverage than applying too much in the first application. Start off with one layer then gradually apply more to build up the coverage. Less is more.


6: Using a setting powder: Whenever using a liquid foundation you want to finish it off with a matte transparent powder to set the make-up and ensure it stays in place all day.


7: Setting spray: Make up setting sprays are great to seal your make up and keep it place all day. Using a water based setting spray will make up your make up last longer and will also give your skin a fresh dewy glow.