How-To Make Your Lipstick 100% Party Proof

Is there anything more frustrating than spending a good 10 minutes perfecting your pout only to have it fade away the second you take a sip from your glass or take a bite of food? All of the focus and concentration you spent getting your over-lining just right, filling in your lips until you reach a perfectly even colour or for those of us that go to the effort, contouring your colour for a more voluminous look, all wasted.

Thankfully, your time doesn’t have to be wasted and you won’t need to worry about getting lipstick on your teeth, a half worn off smile or smudging during a late night French kiss. Cue the five steps to party perfect lips:

Exfoliate– I like to keep my lips exfoliated by extending the use of my chemical exfoliants to my pout. You can apply them to your lips the same way you use them on your face for softer, flake free lips. Alternatively, specialised lip exfoliants are available and often use sugar as the base ingredient along with hydrating balms allowing you to scrub away and get a good base.

Hydrate– Once you’ve exfoliated, it’s important to hydrate your lips like there’s no tomorrow. If I’m using lipstick, I like to stick to balms and lip treatments that aren’t too shiny or tacky and soak in pretty quickly. That way, there won’t be a lot of residue left to mess up your pout.

Prime– Just like creating a flawless base for your foundation, primer is imperative to applying lipstick that looks great all night long. A lip primer will smooth out fine lines and give your lipstick something to stick to, reducing transfer and smudging.

Apply– A fool proof tip for applying lipstick for a long-lasting finish is to layer it up. Put your first layer of lipstick on, give it a second to soak in, the blot any excess away by gently kissing a tissue between your lips. Then, apply a second layer. You can repeat the process as many times as you feel you need to get your desired level of pigment.

Set– If you have a matte finish, dusting a bit of setting powder over your lips helps to lock colour in place. For a velvet or gloss finish, I like to spritz a bit of setting spray over my lips. The added step gives you that extra bit of assurance for a smudge, crack and crease free kiss.

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