How-To Fight Oily Skin in The Summer Heat

It’s not uncommon to experience extra oily skin in the Summer and unfortunately, a shiny forehead doesn’t make a great accessory! Due to heat and humidity, the oil glands in our skin are triggered to overproduce sebum causing shine, blocked pores and acne. Extra oil on our skin also makes it hard for makeup to stay in place and when you factor in sweat, it can all become a bit of a sliding mess.

Thankfully, there are a few easy ways to control and prevent oily skin in the Summer months…

DO: switch to a lighter, oil-free moisturiser and use it regularly. If you allow your skin to dry out, your oil glands will go into overdrive trying to counteract the dryness. It’s important to moisturise morning, night and anytime you cleanse your skin (like after the gym or a swim).

DO: alternate between a hydrating and exfoliating toner. Toner’s help to balance your skin and slow down oil production for a healthier complexion. When you’re extra oily and getting a little sweaty, it’s important to also exfoliate using a gentle chemical exfoliator that will take away dead skin cells and stop oil getting trapped in your pores. Over exfoliation dries out your skin so using a hydrating formula every other night will help.

DON’T: over cleanse your skin. It can be easy to fall into the trap of over-cleansing, especially when you’re experiencing oily skin. Cleansing too frequently with overly active products however, will only strip your skin of oils and prompt it to produce even more. Cleansing twice a day with a gentle cleanser is enough and you can utilise micellar water in between if you feel you need to de-slick.

DO: lighten your beauty routine. Heavy layers of foundations, primers and SPF prevent your skin from breathing and can cause oil to become trapped underneath. This leads to congestion, acne and even more oil so it’s best to use a light SPF spiked BB or CC cream in place of foundation and keep the rest of your look simple. Less is more in Summer!

DO: use water-proof makeup. You can get just about every makeup product in a water-proof version and these will help to keep your makeup look from sliding and smudging. Many are also formulated to allow your skin to breath and stop blockages.

DON’T: pack on powder in the hope of controlling oil. Although there are plenty of finishing powders that will temporarily control oil, these aren’t an effective way of correcting the issue long-term. In Summer it’s better to use oil-controlling skincare, liquid mattifying makeup such as primer and shine-preventing finishing sprays. They’ll also help to keep that much wanted Summer dew.

DO: blot away excess oil using blotting tissues. They may seem like a fad but these powerful little tissues are great at absorbing oil on-the-go, controlling shine and preventing blockages in your pores. You can use them on your natural skin or over makeup and they easily fit into your handbag.

DO: drink lots of water. Hydrating from the inside will help your skin to remain balanced and prevent your oil glands from thinking they need to over-produce to keep your skin hydrated.

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