How to Detox Your Body in Time for The Holidays

The Summer holidays are undoubtedly one of the most stressful times of year for most people. With work to wrap up before the end of the year, Christmas lunches to organise, New Year’s parties to plan and for the lucky, Summer vacations to put together, there’s often little time left over to look after ourselves. It’s easy to push through and ignore all of the chaos but the toll it has on your body, not to mention the extra food, alcohol and caffeine that tends to take over our diets, can easily leave you facing another year back at work feeling like you didn’t have a break at all.

The idea of a detox certainly isn’t new. From juices and lemon drinks to sober months and sugar free diets; detox’s generally get a name for being a bit of a fad, a quick fix of sorts. But you probably think that detox’s are for after all of the eating, drinking, late nights and long days, to get you back into a stable routine, right?

Well, if you follow a good routine you can actually turn a fad detox into a healthy restart for your body. And, if you start before you go into the craziness that is the holiday season, it works as a preventative measure.

It’s about taking care of yourself during the final weeks of the year when most of us begin to burnout so your mind and body are in tip top shape. That way, you can let loose a little, easily relax during your time off and not dig your health into an even deeper hole than if you were trying to combat fatigue after the fact.

So how should you start? By giving up food and only drinking juice for three days straight? Swapping out solids for lemon water with cayenne pepper? No. Detox’s shouldn’t be about depriving your body. Sure, you’ll need to give up a few things you probably love but it’s about substituting that for things that are really nourishing your mind and body.

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Go Green – Green fruits and veges are full of nutrients that help to clear your body of toxins. Leafy greens like kale, spinach and swiss chard are all super high in chlorophyll which is great for your skin and greens help to build blood cells which give you more energy.

Give Up Alcohol and Caffeine – It’s only temporary, I promise. Not only is alcohol high in calories, it’s harsh on your liver and leaves your body dehydrated. Caffeine is just as bad, mostly because it’s often second nature to have several cups of coffee each day. But whilst you feel like it’s giving you energy, it’s actually spiking your insulin production to combat heightened blood sugar which not only cause the storage of fat but leaves you to come crashing down soon after. Giving up both for a while will give you the most dramatic results during your detox in terms of how your body feels on a day to day basis.

Take Up Tea Drinking – if you’re really struggling without your morning cup of Joe, switch it up for tea. Black and green teas still have caffeine although it is significantly less than coffee. Herbal teas are a great substitute because they are caffeine free and most have other benefits for your body such as aiding digestion, boosting your immune system and kick starting your metabolism.

Take Up Meditation – A well-rounded detox works on clearing your mind as well as your body. That way, it’s easier to cope with the changes to your diet and lifestyle and you’ll also find that you will be able to handle that end of year stress far easier. There’s no shortage of apps, websites and YouTube channels that offer quick meditation guides. Find one that you respond well to and aim for 5 minutes each day.

Pay Attention to Your Gut Health – having an abundance of healthy bacteria in your gut helps it to digest food properly and is what will really get your skin glowing. Fermented foods like kombucha, kimchi, miso and kefir yoghurt help to build good gut health and there are a lot of supplements and superfood powders on the market that are great as well.

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