How To Contour Like A Pro


Contouring has become a very popular technique mastered by skilled make up artists previously reserved for runway models and celebrities, yet now every girl is including it her daily makeup routine. But have you mastered the technique and are you doing it correctly?

Here are 5 simple steps to ensure your contouring is on point:

1: Choose your features: The goal of contouring is reshaping your face by tricking the eye. Before applying any product to the face look in the mirror at your reflection and concentrate on the features you would like to re-shape. You might want your nose to appear slimmer and longer or your cheekbones to appear sharper and more defined or your jaw line less prominent.




2: Selecting a product: You want to select the right product when contouring. You could use a matte bronzer or a cream bronzer, whatever you feel more comfortable with. Just make sure you avoid product with shimmer.

3: Apply where shadows are naturally found:

  • Underneath your cheekbones
  • The temples of your forehead
  • Underneath your jawline
  • Down the sides of your nose

4: Don’t go too dark: Use a colour that is a shade or two darker than your own skin tone. To apply the contour use an angled fluffy brush or a pointed one. This is going to help carve the shape you desire. When applying the bronzer apply it lightly to the face, and if you want a deeper contour then apply more product. Once you’ve applied the contour blend it out with your brush until it resembles a subtle shadow.

5: Highlighting: After you’ve applied the contour you want to highlight, this is going to balance out the contour. Again you can opt for a powder or cream highlighter. Apply the highlight to:

  • The bridge of the nose
  • On top of the cheekbones
  • On top of your brow bone
  • The cupids bow

Again you want to blend with a clean brush. When you have finished look in the mirror and make sure you have no harsh lines and everything is blended seamlessly.