How I Get My Skin To Glow From Within!

Yep that’s right luminous skin is in!

Sure, we can all fake it with a little (or a lot) of strobe cream and highlight but nothing will make you look and feel as good as naturally radiant skin.

My skin gets a little lack-lustre from time to time and it’s usually indicative of my health or how well I’ve been looking after myself (and possibly how much wine I had on the weekend).

Over the years I’ve noticed my skin goes through phases of looking great and phases of looking crappy. And over time I’ve developed a little rescue regimen for the times I find my skin looking dull. If these few little steps are done with diligence I can significantly improve the appearance of my skin in just a few days! It works for me every time.

So I’m going to share my rescue regimen with you. If you can live by this for at least 7 days you will see improvements!

  • No Booze or refined sugar. My least favourite, but most essential step.

Yeah it sucks, but trust me if you can do it for 5-7 days, it’s worth it. I’m only going to list a few of the reasons why this will help the appearance of your skin, but trust me there is actually a very long list of negative effects a high sugar diet has on the skin.

A high sugar diet, and alcohol consumption causes inflammation, redness, and patchy skin tone. It can contribute to skin conditions such as rosacea, it exacerbates acne and it can lead to collagen breakdown and premature ageing.

Cutting out refined sugars and alcohol is probably the single most effective way to detox your skin. Sometimes it kills me not having a snap of chocolate after dinner or a cheeky mid-week wine, but by cutting out high sugar food and drinks I see less redness, a more even skin tone and less puffiness in just 2-3 days.

  • Exfoliate

Good exfoliation removes the build up of dead skin cells sitting on your skin making it look dry, uneven and accentuating fine lines. I’m a massive advocate of good exfoliation. It’s my belief that exfoliating is the single most effective skin treatment you can do. It’s the one thing you can do  that will show you a real visible improvement in your skin after just one treatment.

Please opt for a granule free exfoliant! Scrubs are out, and acid or enzyme exfoliants are in!

Exfoliants that use an acid (AHA, glycolic, lactic etc) or an enzyme to remove dead skin are far more effective and less irritating to the skin than their granulated counterparts.

Remember that dead skin cell build up is what makes your fine lines look deeper, your skin look dryer, your pigmentation look darker, and they clog your pores causing pimples and black heads. The more dead skin cells  you can remove the better! And the more effective your exfoliant is the more dewy, radiant living skin you’ll reveal from beneath. Do this 2-3 times per week.

  • Vitamin Cocktail

I’m not a big fan of a complicated regimen of supplements. I like to keep it simple.

The only thing I take religiously every single day is Inner Beauty Powder which is a mixture of prebiotics, probiotics and various other superfoods. This pre and pro biotic mixture I sprinkle on my breakfast nourishes my skin, boosts collagen production and works on keeping my gut healthy.

However when my skin is feeling lack lustre I up the ante and start taking high potency Vitamin C 1000mg tablets twice daily.

No one prescribed this mixture for me, but after years of trialling and reviewing loads of different beauty supplements I discovered the huge benefits of potent Vitamin C first hand, and this simple mix works the best for me. I really believe I can see a difference in my skin when I take it.

Adding the the high dose Vitamin C when my skin is feeling dull gives me a big anti-oxidant boost (among other benefits) and I swear it works a treat!

  • Hydrate

Ok, so drinking plenty of water is a given.  Along with upping my water intake I like to use sheet masks to infuse plenty of hydration into my skin. This immediately adds a little radiance and plumps up fine lines. I particularly love collagen eye masks, which are little jelly like patches I place under my eyes that infuse the skin with moisture and instantly refresh my face! After using a sheet mask my make-up glides on and my fine lines are way less visible. Do a sheet mask 3 times a week.


  • Sleep.

When I want my skin to glow I make sure I get plenty of sleep. Your skin repairs and regenerates at a much higher rate when you sleep, and when I make sure I get at least 7 consecutive nights of good sleep my skin tone always looks more even.

  • Eat Well

This step is one I try to live by all year. However there are a few times a year when festivities get in the way and I end up consuming too much junk food and alcohol. Consequently these are the times my skin starts to suffer.

I cut out junk food and anything processed and I eat lots of veg, lots of fruit, green juices, nuts, eggs, avocados and at least one serving of fresh salmon per week.

Eating like this will deliver a multitude of great vitamins and minerals that are particularly beneficial to the skin. And it will nourish your whole body, not only your skin.

If I follow my little rescue regimen I start to see visible improvements in my skin after just 2 days. But if you can keep it up for at least 7 days, by weeks end your skin will be absolutely glowing and you will be feeling great!