Hot Summer Hairstyle- Blake Lively

We all love hot summer hair styles that are easy to re-create. Blake Lively was pictured here sporting a loooong pony tail plait, and she looks fantastic. Wear it out for lunch or to a more formal occasion it’s versatile and fabulous!

Here’s the ‘how to’-

Apply a mousse to the hair to give hold and volume, blow dry or straighten smooth.

Back comb (tease) the hair on the crown of your head to add a little height and gently back comb hair on the sides of the head too.

Now pull up to a high pony tail careful not to pull it too tight so as to flatten any height on top and tie with elastic. Gently Brush with a soft bristled brush over the hair to smooth.

Attach a long clip in hair extension into the pony tail if you want a more dramatic length. Take one section from the pony tail and tie around the base to cover the elastic and secure with a hair pin.

Loosely plait down to the end of hair and tie. Now Gently pull outward on the plait to loosen pieces so it looks messy and not neat. Finish with a light hair spray.

Try Fudge Membrane Gas hair spray this stuff if fantastic, it offers a strong hold but doesn’t look stiff or as if you have any hair spray on at all! RRP $19.95 stockists 1300 764 437

And VIOLA! you have yourself a hollywood hair style in just a couple of minutes. xx